Stray Kids’ Reactions To Their World Tour Plans Being Spoiled Gain Attention

Stray Kids’ Reactions To Their World Tour Plans Being Spoiled Gain Attention

Following their massive Manic world tour in 2023, fans of Stray Kids have eagerly awaited for the group to announce their official plans for 2024.

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

STAYs just got their confirmation that the tour is coming from the most unexpected source!

On May 6, Stray Kids made history as the first entire group to be invited to the MET Gala, wearing custom Tommy Hilfiger pieces.

Embed from Getty Images

Just before they walked the red carpet, the group were interviewed alongside Tommy Hilfiger, speaking about how they felt being invited to the event.

Tommy Hilfiger (red suit) and Stray Kids.

During one part of the interview, Tommy Hilfiger, while praising the group, stated that they’d be going on a 40-city world tour soon.

They are as modern as you can get. They are modern prep, and they are global superstars. They are a K-Pop band from Korea and they’re embarking upon a 40-city tour, and they pack stadiums with 80 thousand people. And they have a wild fanbase all over the world.

— Tommy Hilfiger about Stray Kids

This was apparently new information to many, and its reveal left fans shocked…


— 현빵 (@havenfiIm) May 6, 2024

“they are embarking upon a 40 city tour” IT’S OVER

— 리노냠냠•sofia (@linomnom) May 6, 2024

excuse me what now did i hear that right EMBARKING ON A 40 CITY TOUR ???

— tiffany (@peachyniellie) May 6, 2024

…but no one’s reactions were more noticed than the group members’ themselves!

After Tommy Hilfiger spilled the beans, both Han and Bang Chan made faces that seemed to prove the information was true!

Bang Chan making a face. Han

This night was a big night for Stray Kids AND STAY!

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