Gothic Beauty Box 55 — Perfume, Eyeliner, Foundation, and More! Plus a Print Issue Featuring an Interview with Lebanon Hanover

As I was leaving to photograph a concert, the Gothic Beauty Box number 55 mysteriously materialized at my doorstep. The sight of its treasures, carefully wrapped in adorable skull-patterned paper and sprinkled with purple confetti, elicited an excited shriek – from my own throat, I realized, flushed with embarrassment. Or joy. One never knows these days. 

What wonders awaited inside this Gothic Beauty Box 55? A plethora of goodies from small businesses, something I really appreciate about Gothic Beauty. In a world where people are pressured to chase after fast fashion and mass produced items from soulless mega-corporations, it warms my heart that the fine folks at Gothic Beauty have the same ethics, and promote independent artists and craftspeople with these charming beauty box collections. 

A LashyDoodle eyeliner – generously provided in full size, offering not just a smooth application over your eyes but also an adorable extra: a heart stamp for that Grand Guignol je nais sais quois.. This charming addition allows you to create a beauty mark that will surely attract attention and whispers of intrigue, as onlookers ask in soft amazement, “Is that Baby Jane Hudson?”

Dark Asteroid provides Ghostly Foundation and Lightening Potion, neither of which is to be underestimated. True to their promise, these products endow you with an otherworldly glow, ensuring an ethereal pallor upon application – perfect for those looking to bite…or be bitten. To achieve this ashen allure, pat it in with the included LashyDoodle makeup blender – and no worries, it is vegan and latex free. This blender is buttery soft and blends beautifully without smearing or streaking.  To achieve a more spectral complexion that might allure a vampire admirer,

Complete your ensemble with a few strokes of Deepest Black liquid eyeliner from Storm Cloud, whether you’re embracing the boldness of full corpse paint or opting for a subtle cat’s eye – the choice is yours. Pair it perfectly with the delicate spiderweb fingerless gloves from Charlotte’s Veil, a piece I’ve found myself wearing almost every day since discovering this treasure trove. They not only add a Morticia-esque flair to any look but also stand out magnificently when adorned with a statement antique ring or complemented by a fresh manicure.

For fragrance lovers, there is a perfume roller from Spooky Spirits in a deliciously fruity Cherry Vanilla scent. It’s cheerful, whimsical, and sure to attract abundance and benevolent spirits with its potency…you’ve been warned!

Eerie Baubles added a touch of elegance with a chic ankh necklace, featuring an all-black pendant and chain. The ankh, a revered ancient Egyptian emblem, encapsulates various facets of existence such as earthly life, eternity, immortality, demise, and rebirth. Its design, a teardrop-shaped loop atop a cross, symbolizes the journey of the sun ascending and crossing the horizon.

I also unearthed a cute, highly collectible enamel pin from Strangeling by Jasmine Becket-Griffith as well as stickers from the earth-friendly, animal friendly Lip Service. – the perfect gift for my baby bat niece to put on her spooky backpack – you can be sure that I shared the wealth!

Is your sweet tooth hoping to gnaw on a delectable treat? They threw in a gingerbread cookie cutter from Castle Murk to make darling little skeletons to your heart’s content. Cut out the shape with one side, stamp in the bones with the other.

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Persisting in print presents a profound challenge in the digital era, where online content often overshadows traditional media. Yet, Gothic Beauty magazine stands out as a noteworthy exception. This unique publication deftly maintains its distinct identity and loyal following by consistently delivering high-quality, specialized content that deeply resonates with fans of the gothic subculture. I was particularly psyched to see a feature on one of my favourite bands, Lebanon Hanover, who just did their first American tour in years.

With a mix of engaging articles, stunning photography, and a strong community focus, Gothic Beauty not only survives – but thrives. It exemplifies how, with the right audience and dedicated execution, print magazines still lead a profound existence in today’s digital landscape…and bonus, it just feels nice to flip through a beautiful collection and feel inspired.

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