YouTuber Being Sued By HYBE For Defaming NewJeans Posts “Apology” Before Disappearing

YouTuber Being Sued By HYBE For Defaming NewJeans Posts “Apology” Before Disappearing

A YouTube user known for posting malicious content about K-Pop idols has disappeared from the platform following a lawsuit filed against them by NewJeans’ agency ADOR.

NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

It was recently reported that ADOR has sought the help of a California federal court to order Google to hand over the identity of a user who owns the channel named @Middle7.  In the court filing, @Middle7 was accused of making defamatory statements about NewJeans in dozens of videos, which were viewed over 13 million times.


A few days after the news was made public, netizens noticed that the channel had uploaded a mock “apology” video with a caption that said, “The apology letter of a middle school 7th grader who got sued by NewJeans.” The audio used in the “apology” video was also significant, titled “FUXX THAT SHXX” by Leellamarz and TOIL.

| Instiz

The video, however, got deleted soon. According to a report by Newsis, in the short video, the user continued to insult the NewJeans members by using strangely edited pictures of them. They also claimed in the video that they made their content for “fun.”

NewJeans’ agency sued me. I woke up and wondered what on earth was going on…The good news is I didn’t apply to be monetized.

— @Middle7

Soon after, the entire account was wiped off of YouTube, and anybody trying to search their page was greeted by the following notice.

| Instiz

The channel has been deleted for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.

— The YouTube notice

Netizens are celebrating the removal of this account since the user was infamous for posting disparaging content about multiple female idols.

| Instiz “Wow, amazing.”
— “That account harassed many other idols along with NewJeans. This is great, LOL.” “LOL, farewell~” “Wow. Goodbye.” “The idiot pretended to be so tough, LOL. Wow, but HYBE, please follow ADOR’s example and blow up the haters.” “They got scared and ran away. Pathetic.”

Meanwhile, it is unclear how ADOR will be pursuing the lawsuit against the user, given that the YouTube account has vanished in its entirety.

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