Tao Becomes A Hot Topic For His Muscular Physical Transformation

Tao Becomes A Hot Topic For His Muscular Physical Transformation

Many older K-Pop fans can recall a time when EXO was comprised of 12 members and two subunits. Following multiple lawsuits against SM Entertainment, EXO  has become the nine-membered group fans are currently familiar with.

EXO as 12. | SM Entertainment

Of the three members who departed from the group, one who has often trended for the most interesting reasons is Tao (also known as Z.Tao). The former EXO member was the last of the three to depart and has since started his own company in China, L.TAO Entertainment.

Tao | <i>Weibo</i>

Following the star attracting attention for his declaration of love to a former SM Trainee, who is now signed under his company, Tao has become a hot topic online for his physical transformation.

While in EXO and pre-debut, Tao was thinner and sported lean muscles.

After his departure, Tao put on some muscle but was not as bulked up as other stars who have made physical changes. The star shared gym photos showing his growth in 2021, which seems to have continued until now!

Tao in 2021.

In a now-viral post, netizens reacted with surprise to the star’s current looks as he was spotted filming for a program. Photos show a visibly muscular Tao with a half-sleeve of tattoos in a tank top.

| X

Other videos and photos show Tao wearing a fitted white long-sleeve top that does not hide how buff he is!

240408 #ZTAO related video in Yunnan responding to a fan:
HL: “Huang Zitao, I love you”
ZTAO: “I love you, too”#HuangZitao #黄子韬 #타오 #タオ @hztttaoswagpic.twitter.com/3S7Mtnoiwr

— BaiduZTAOBar | 黄子韬吧 (@BaiduZTAOBar) April 9, 2024

For those who have kept up with Tao, the look is not a surprise since he has shared photos online periodically.

Netizens who have not seen the star in a while reacted with shock at his physical transformation!

ZITAO????? pic.twitter.com/kiE4gn1FMl

— yaya|EXOPIADAS (@kaixota_) April 11, 2024

TAO I WILL BE STANNING pic.twitter.com/c0Hl8LdPan

— ✩ ✩ ✩ (@DICKDOH) April 11, 2024

WHAT THE FUCK pic.twitter.com/fg3wQG2zMI

— (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ ash (@exosvtamore) April 12, 2024

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