Yungblud announces that he’s written an “immersive” new book

Yungblud announces that he’s written an “immersive” new book

Yungblud has today (April 12) announced that he’s written an “immersive” new book.

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The musician announced the book on X/Twitter saying “I wrote a book – what the fuck?!”

Yungblud said he was “excited” about the new book and said “it wasn’t just an ordinary book” but a “completely immersive” book that encourages readers to “face the shit that terrifies” them.

The book, called You Need To Exist: A Book To Love and Destroy! contains poems written by Yungblud along with some autobiographical stories. He also encouragers people to read the book, write in it as well as “throw it across the room.”

A synopsis explains: “For most of us that is the hardest question in the world. This book is designed to help guide you on a journey to find out. To confess what you love about yourself, destroy your deepest insecurities and face your darkest fears.

“This is a book to rip, draw, burn, bury and create. A book that will end up in tatters if you do it right. This is a book of you. So, I’ll ask you again… Who are you? It’s time to find out.”

The book is available to pre-order here and is released on August 15.


— YUNGBLUD is a lowlife (@yungblud) April 12, 2024


Last month, Yungblud defended his new festival, BludFest, from people who have questioned the intent behind the event.

The Doncaster artist announced the event with a free show in Camden Market on March 18, confirming that it will be headed to Milton Keynes Bowl on Sunday 11 August – featuring a headline set from Yungblud alongside a line-up featuring recent collaborator Lil Yachty, as well as Soft PlayNessa BarrettThe DamnedLola YoungJazmin Bean and many more to be announced. Notably, tickets will be priced at £49.50.

In a video posted to his social media, Yungblud responded to the criticisms of a TikTok user named James who questioned how true the artist’s intent was when he announced the ticket price for BludFest and declared, “Fuck the corporate bullshit!”

“Every now and then this narrative rears its head on the internet that kind of depicts that I’ve had everything given to me, I do nothing at all and I’m this completely massive industry plant who had everything given to him,” Yungblud began.

“That is crazy to me because that is not the case. Everything I do, every idea I have, is literally probably run from a kitchen table with these four people,” he continued, moving his phone camera to show four others sitting in the room alongside him. “We just figure out if we can make it happen.”

Yungblud also spoke to NME about his decision to keep ticket prices low.

“I am not ignorant that people come and go to fanbases,” he said. “I’ve done it to many artists – but I want Yungblud to be a constant in people’s lives. If you want to turn to it and feel that feeling again, it’s there all the time. I’m going to do this every year and I hope everyone comes from everywhere. That’s why we’ve kept the ticket prices as low as we can.

He continued: “It’s about £50 for 10 or more bands, all in. That is it; we’re not even making money – we’re just doing it for the fucking tunes. I’m excited. It’s all about saying ‘thank for this moment’. I’ve had so many arguments about the price-point but that’s it.”

Check out our full interview with Yungblud here, where he also discussed taking stock of his career so far, how he built his community of fans, his online spat with The 1975 frontman Matty Healy,  and what to expect from his “positive” new concept album inspired by Oasis, The Verve, Bowie, Suede and Madonna.

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