51-Year-Old Actor’s Shocking Age Gap With Wife Becomes A Hot Topic

51-Year-Old Actor’s Shocking Age Gap With Wife Becomes A Hot Topic

The age difference between Ryu Si Won, a beloved actor now in his early fifties, and his wife has recently captured public attention. The actor — who has enjoyed a successful career spanning over two decades, especially in Japan — made a surprising revelation about his wife’s age during an appearance on the YouTube channel Mental Up Show.

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It was during the show that Ryu decided to clarify the speculations surrounding his wife’s age. The actor revealed that contrary to various rumors, his wife is, in fact, 19 years younger than him.

Known for his timeless charm and often compared to the likes of Hollywood’s George Clooney for his aging grace, Ryu discussed various aspects of his life and career, including the 20th anniversary of his debut in Japan. The actor, who has previously been dubbed “Asia’s Prince,” shared his views on aging and the significance of family in his life.

Now embracing his fifties, Ryu opened up about the challenges and the new chapters in his life. He mentioned that the journey into his fifties was a bit daunting compared to the optimism often associated with turning forty. It was during this transformative period in his late forties that he met his current partner, bringing a newfound happiness into his life.

The actor’s family life, which he shares glimpses of on social media, seems idyllic, with activities ranging from golfing to family photo sessions with their pet dog. When talking about the unusual age gap between himself and his wife, Ryu mentioned that he kept her age private to protect her from public scrutiny and misinformation.

Ryu Si Won’s first marriage — which lasted only two years — was also a topic of public interest, particularly due to his daughter. He remarried in February 2020, and in a previous TV appearance on TV Chosun Ryu revealed that his wife works as a mathematics tutor, which also piqued public curiosity.

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