K-Drama Villains Who Became Villains In Real Life

K-Drama Villains Who Became Villains In Real Life

They say that when an actor gets despised in real life for a character they portrayed on screen, it is the biggest commendation they can ever get as an artist. For some K-Drama actors, however, the script somehow became a reality a little too well, marking a harsh fall from grace in the court of public opinion.

1. Song Ha Yoon

Song Ha Yoon achieved raging success after her bone-chilling performance as the villain in the K-Drama Marry My Husband very recently.

Song in “Marry My Husband”

But her newfound success was shortlived as a few days ago, the actress was exposed for being a bully in school. On April 1, JTBC reported, based on the tip-off of her alleged victim, that Song had physically abused them in the second year of high school.

2. Ji Soo

Though actor Ji Soo had more of a “chocolate boy” image thanks to K-Dramas like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and My First, First Love, he also delivered a power-packed performance as a killer in Bad Guys: Vile City. His performance as a rugged criminal who forms an unexpected alliance with a prosecutor to fight evil with evil earned him quite the accolade.

Ji Soo in “Bad Guys” | IMDb

But his popularity took a tumble in 2021 when he was accused of school violence and bullying. His accuser claimed that in school, Ji Soo was the “top delinquent of the school and committed numerous evil acts,” including beating up and stomping on students. After these accusations, his agency terminated its contract with him, and Ji Soo enlisted in the military in October 2021. After his return, he opened up about some of the accusations and shared that he and his accuser had met and talked about the issue. His accuser also reached out to media outlets, confirming that his initial post was inflated and he had made up with Ji Soo after their meeting.

3. Han So Hee

Han So Hee’s rise to fame was thanks to her impeccable performance as a villain in the K-Drama The World of the Married. Since the show, she has played many more powerful roles, but her performance as the homewrecking antagonist in World of the Married remains a huge milestone in her filmography.

Han So Hee in “The World of the Married” | Hancinema

The public’s disproval of Han So Hee’s character in the drama, however, eerily replicated in real life when she got embroiled in a dating “scandal” with actor Ryu Jun Yeol. Since Ryu had been in a public relationship with idol-turned-actress Hyeri for eight years, the public was shocked to hear that he had moved on with Han So Hee less than three months after announcing his breakup with Hyeri. Accusations of “transit love” ensued, and Han So Hee strongly responded to all criticism directly, inviting even more chaos. Finally, the two broke up less than two weeks after going public with their relationship, and even then, the actress made some related posts that came under scrutiny. Many feel that this whirlpool of controversies and Han So Hee’s hasty way of handling them have caused grave damage to her popularity.

4. Kim Hieora

Actress Kim Hieora became immensely popular with her impeccable performance as a school bully in The Glory. This was followed by her portrayal of a cold-blooded demon in The Uncanny Counter, solidifying her reputation as a solid on-screen villain.

Kim Hieora in “The Glory” | Netflix

Her newfound success came crashing down when she was accused of school bullying, mainly of being a part of a group that was notorious for extortion, assault, and verbal abuse. The actress eventually admitted being part of the group, only partially accepting some of the accusations like taking part in extorting money from classmates. Her agency, however, later claimed that she was coerced by Dispatch into the admission and vowed legal action. A new informant also defended the actress, saying she was more of a victim of bullying than a bully herself. With opposing claims from all sides, the case still remains shrouded in mystery for the public.

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