Australian Post-Punk Duo Sacred Hearts Channel Their Feminine Rage in “Crocodile Tears”

Australian Post-Punk Duo Sacred Hearts Channel Their Feminine Rage in “Crocodile Tears”

From the other side of the globe, in a place known for nurturing a bad seed or two in its fertile post-punk soil, emerges the enigmatic Australian outfit Sacred Hearts. Their music, deeply tied to vocalist June Gray’s upbringing amidst religious symbolism and instruction, resonates with a profound and personal connection. Their formation is a story of chance meetings and shared backgrounds: June and Josie, both products of Catholic education, found a musical kinship that sparked the creation of Sacred Hearts. Their sound, reminiscent of legendary acts like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and Joy Division, is enriched with an ethereal quality akin to the Cocteau Twins. This unique blend is further characterized by the use of a drum machine, lending a cold, synthetic texture to their music.

Hailing from Meanjin/Brisbane, this duo is making waves with their latest EP, spearheaded by the track “Crocodile Tears.” This song bursts onto the scene with a tempo that’s more sprint than stroll, channeling a storm of indignation that’s perfectly at home on the dance floor. It’s a tribute to female rage, enveloped in the dark tones of industrial pop. “Crocodile Tears” marks a significant evolution for Sacred Hearts: a meeting of raw emotion and refined artistry, where anger is not just present but celebrated. The initial guitar riff offers a sense of familiarity, followed by vocals that feel more like an emotional release than a melody. Gritty, insistent, and slightly unnerving, it’s a fitting backdrop for the tumultuous journey within the music industry, known for its unforgiving embrace of new talents.

Listen to “Crocodile Tears” here:

The creative force behind “Crocodile Tears” comprises June Gray and Josie Davison in songwriting, with Kyle Hallam bringing his expertise to the production and mixing. The final touches, a harmonious blend of mixing and mastering, come from the seasoned professionals at Fabrika Records.

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