Listen to the Bratty Post-Punk of Ex Lover’s “Devotion” LP

Las ganas de llorar no me dejan en paz

Aramara Quintos Tapia, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, has launched a new post-punk project named Ex Lover. Their debut full-length album, Devotion, is a unique blend of bratty lyrics, moody basslines, and twinkling guitars, showcasing a distinctive style that marks their head-turning entry into the music scene. This combination of sound and vision indicates a fresh take on the post-punk oeuvre, infusing it with a mix of attitude, deep rhythmic elements, and melodic intricacies.

Devotion, to me, is a cocktail of all the self-destructive behaviors and emotions I’ve experienced through the last couple of years of my life,
says Tapia. “I wanted to present very real feelings of impulsiveness, angst, and the constant yearning for attention and adoration from others. These songs were created within a fantasy world in my head where I let myself fall into my own delusions, and Ex Lover allows me to process them without shame.”

The album opens with All The Pieces, depicting a complex relationship marked by attraction, caution, and power dynamics. This narrative is intertwined with themes of caution, as indicated by not wanting to be touched in front of others and keeping nails long for potential defense, portraying a guarded and ready stance in the face of potential conflict or intimacy. Next comes Dancefloor, a song about confidence, flirtation and allure, painting a picture of someone who is confident, playful, and in control of their romantic encounters. The Spanish language Las Ganas de Llorar expresses a deep sense of sadness and frustration in a troubled relationship. Repetitive patterns bring weekly sorrow, negative thoughts, the constant urge to cry, and a sense of guilt.  The lyrics convey a mix of despair, weariness, and a desperate desire for emotional peace and change.

A passionate relationship, with the deep longing for a partner at all times, comes out in the next track, Favorite Time Of Day. They explore the complexities of desire, discretion, and emotional connection, with a playful undercurrent. When I See You, channeling a spookier Bangles and Go-Gos, explores themes of independence and spontaneity, emphasizing self-confidence and a desire for freedom. The speaker’s focus on dancing alone, feeling exhilarated and self-assured, is coupled with a casual approach to relationships and the continuous pursuit of joy.

El Fin (The End) is another Spanish anthem, details a yearning for a lasting, passionate relationship, using dance as a metaphor for commitment and love. Conversely, Too Late laments the end of a relationship, where a man’s love and pleas for forgiveness are too late to reconcile with his partner. Despite his efforts, she has moved on, feeling detached and out of place. Why Me follows this more introspective, melancholic theme. Make Believe reflects defiance and frustration, resisting unfair blame, and expressing weariness with repetitive challenges.

The album closes with Life of the Party, depicting someone feeling out of place at a fête, seeking connection but feeling unwelcome. They apologize for causing a stir and express a desire for friendship or romance, despite self-doubt and a sense of exclusion.

Listen to “Devotion” below, and grab it on Bandcamp here, or on Spotify:

Devotion by Ex Lover

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