VIXX’s Leo Clears Up Controversy Regarding Fan Sign Video Circling Online As A Meme

VIXX’s Leo Clears Up Controversy Regarding Fan Sign Video Circling Online As A Meme

VIXX’s Leo touched the hearts of fans with his sweet and thoughtful message. In the photo released along with his message, the back of a fan can be seen raising both hands in a big heart gesture towards Leo while Leo looks on with a smile. However, the photo/video has been circling the internet as a meme to ridicule fans for having an “extreme job.”

VIXX’s Leo | @RealVIXX/Twitter

To explain the fan sign video in detail, a few years ago, a fan danced in front of Leo, and it was posted on online communities with the title “Extreme job male idols.” But it was revealed that she was a fan who always danced like that at every fan sign event. Leo, who recognized the seriousness of the situation in which fans’ sincerity towards him was distorted and turned into a joke, decided to post a message to resolve the matter.

VIXX Leo’s Instagram story | leo_jungtw/Instagram

I’m posting this because I feel like this is being made fun of, but the power of bringing laughter to someone’s day is amazing. It was enough strength for me, and I laughed thanks to the fa. VIXX fans do have the extreme job. Thank you. Please give me strength in the future too.

Netizens and fans were touched at his sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Netizen comments | theqoo “I’m not saying this because I’m a fan, but he really is a sweet guy with a soft heart. VIXX comeback on 11/21!” “How sweet. He could have just ignored it but he posted that. The fan must’ve received a lot of strength.” “The fan is amazing too to be able to do that every time with the hope that my idol will be happy. Both of them have such sweet hearts.” “Such a sweetie.” “So touching…so sweet.” “It’s ridiculous, who would make fun of this! Leo is so sweet.”

On the other hand VIXX will be making a comeback after four years and two months with their fifth mini album, CONTINUUM.

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