Teo Leaves Boy Group DKB Following Drunk Driving Incident

Teo has withdrawn from Brave Entertainment‘s boy group DKB following his drunk driving incident.

In a statement shared on DKB’s fancafe, Brave Entertainment shared the news to DKB’s fans.

Hello, this is Brave Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to apologize that we are sharing unpleasant news to the fans who support DKB.

We have confirmed that on October 30, our company’s artist Teo was caught drunk driving by the police and had his driver’s license revoked. We informed him that drunk driving for any reason is absolutely unacceptable, for any reason. After careful discussion with him, we have accepted his opinions that he did not want to harm the group, and he decided to leave the group. Teo is now deeply reflecting on his immature behavior.

We recognize the severity of this issue and the responsibility we have. We will do our best to manage and educate our artists. We apologize once again for causing concern to the fans.

In the future, DKB will reorganize the team into an eight member system and continue their activities. We will continue to generously support DKB so they can return with more mature performances and music. Please continue to show your love and support to the eight DKB members who are doing their best for their comeback, despite the difficult situation.

— Brave Entertainment

Teo debuted with DKB in February 2020 and was a vocalist within the group.

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