Fans Demand More Security As WayV Gets Mobbed And Pushed Down At Chengdu Airport

Fans Demand More Security As WayV Gets Mobbed And Pushed Down At Chengdu Airport

To promote their second full-length album On My Youth, WayV recently headed to China to kick off the Chinese dates of their showcase tour. But when the group touched down at an airport in Chengdu, they received a welcome that enraged fans and left WayZenNis concerned for the members’ safety.

Winwin | @WayV_official/Twitter

As the members made their way through the airport, they were immediately mobbed by numerous fans. Despite the presence of security to move the boys along safely, it quickly turned dangerous.

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WayV was mobbed to the point where fans were right beside them, loudly screaming and sticking objects in their faces. The situation escalated further as two members were nearly injured.

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Even though Ten was being steadied by a security guard, the mob was so powerful that he was pushed onto the ground. Similarly, fans claimed that YangYang had also been pushed to the floor. Making matters worse, fans pointed out that Winwin was briefly left unprotected by their bodyguards.

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Fans immediately took to social media to demand that SM Entertainment and their subsidiary, Label V, get more security for the group to prevent dangerous situations from happening again.

CALLING OUT @SMTOWNGLOBAL to provide more security or private exists for WayV. Today at the Chengdu airport
-the members were MOBBED and PUSHED
-TEN & YANGYANG fell down
-WINWIN was left in the crowd without a bodyguard

Protecting your artists should be your top priority

— saphie! (@hotgirldery) November 4, 2023

Almost every WayV member’s body was touched by crazy girls. YangYang and TEN both fell down. Someone even bit YangYang’s clothes, which had her saliva on itOMG this is so disgusting! SM should hire more security guards and let artists use vip exit@SMTOWNGLOBAL

— 未来电台𓆩🩵𓆪On My Youth (@hotwayv) November 4, 2023

We are so sad about what happened to WayV at Chengdu Airport today. WayV’s safety and privacy are the most important.

We encourage everyone to report this matter to Kwangya119 so things like this won’t happen again in the future and the company will take action.


— WayV Airlines ︎ 🩵 (@WayV_Airlines) November 4, 2023

As of now, SM Entertainment has not released a statement about the incident or addressed fans’ concerns.

Ten | @WayV_official/Twitter

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