Fans Praise SEVENTEEN’s Vernon For Standing Up For Himself Against A Fan’s “Weird” Behavior

Fans Praise SEVENTEEN’s Vernon For Standing Up For Himself Against A Fan’s “Weird” Behavior

While traditional in-person fan signs have resumed following their suspension during COVID-19 protocols, video fan signs or fan calls have continued, giving fans worldwide a chance to speak with their favorite idols.

These interactions can result in some pretty funny or cute viral moments.

A Fan Shows Chuu Their Tattoo Of Her But The Idol Worries Over One Thing

A recent video call with SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon has attracted attention for all the wrong reasons.


During a call set during what appears to be SEVENTEEN’s “Super” promotion period, Vernon is seen chatting with an English-speaking fan who informs the idol that the concept would be Kardashian “referring to the Kardashian family.

The fan speaks exaggeratedly, almost moaning, as she tells Vernon she will “become an adult” in a few days and asks Vernon for a birthday gift.

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Vernon says that he would love to give her a gift if she would stop talking that way. The two laugh, but the fan continues speaking that way and asks Vernon what he thinks of the concept.

He then makes a face, saying he “really dislikes it” as the clip ends.

‘i would love to give you a birthday gift if you stop talking that way’ ????????/$9//&/99/?/&:&:@&:-))/7/!&/&/

— todoramyeoncooker (@huepengning) November 4, 2023

Vernon’s fan calls are known for being more awkward than the average idol’s, and many were glad to see him put his foot down about something that made him uncomfortable.

Finally! Vernon fought back! He’s so done receiving this kind of fancalls.

— 제인 || STREAM TROUBLE! || (@trzn_keitasmile) November 4, 2023

i freakin love vernon, need more of my idols to start doing this

— Percy. (@ppulv3rse) November 4, 2023

love this for him actually. all idols need to do this asap

— nevaeh⁷ | ∞⁸樂✰ (@bubbajoona) November 4, 2023

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