One Of Jessi’s Hit Songs Doesn’t Make Her Any Money

Jessi made her first appearance on the popular variety program, The K-Star Next Door, and during the episode, she discussed her recent move to Jay Park‘s label MORE VISION, her reputation of not being afraid to speak her mind, her new single “Gum,” and more.

Jessi (left) and Jonathan Thona (right) | @kstarnextdoor/Twitter

Jessi debuted in 2005, performing solo and in two hip-hop groups, Uptown and Lucky J, before continuing her promotions as a solo artist.

Even though she is 18 years into her career, the talented soloist continues to rise in popularity and recently earned viral success with her 2022 song “ZOOM,” which she admitted she never expected.

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During the episode, Jonathan Thona revealed that there was one iconic song that The K-Star Next Door team was especially grateful Jessi released.

The song was Jessi’s 2015 hit song, “Ssenunni,” which was one of her first solo rap tracks released after Lucky J disbanded. The song’s release also followed the success of her appearance on the popular rap competition show, Unpretty Rapstar.

Jessi’s “Unpretty Rapstar” promotional photo | Mnet

Jonathan revealed that whenever The K-Star Next Door needed to emphasize what a guest had said, they used the beat of Jessi’s “Ssenunni” to make the moment even more impactful.

Jessi noted that it wasn’t just The K-Star Next Door that used the song; many Korean television shows continue to use it when “[anyone] makes a big comment.

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Jessi revealed one problem with the song’s frequent use… she doesn’t have the copyright for it. Jonathan stated he was about to ask if Jessi was paid well for the song’s use, but Jessi clarified that she doesn’t make any money from it despite its popularity.

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While Jessi cannot profit from “Ssenunni,” she continues to release profitable hit songs and was recently able to purchase an extravagant gift for her parents.

Check out more on that in the article below!

A Total Flex: The Grand Purchase Jessi Made For Her Parents After Hitting It Big

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