“Smoking As An Idol?” — Here’s What Suzy Thinks About Her Character’s “Rebellious” Behavior In “Doona!”

“Smoking As An Idol?” — Here’s What Suzy Thinks About Her Character’s “Rebellious” Behavior In “Doona!”

Suzy played an unconventional character in the Netflix hit Doona!. The character of Lee Doo Na was one that was emotionally unstable, craving the love and attention of others. Despite this, withstanding her life as an idol was too heavy to bear.

Through the character, Suzy showcased many new and unfamiliar sides of herself to the public. She shocked with her smoking scenes throughout the show.

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She also gained attention for her fashion sense in the show. While she wore many gorgeous outfits, they were also short and uncomfortable.

Regarding these, Suzy voiced her true thoughts on the character breaking the mould of a typical idol. Through an interview with TV Report, the star firmly answered that these were vital to the role due to their symbolism.

I honestly felt really refreshed by the set-up of an idol smoking so openly. I felt that it showed a really human side [of idols]. I think smoking was a tool to express Doo Na’s loneliness. That’s why when she was dating Won Jun, she cut down on smoking, but started again when she got insecure. I think how Doona feels can be seen through her smoking. As for her clothing, they are short, thin, and uncomfortable in general. This is another tool through which Doona’s unstable emotions are expressed. I thought that it hints at how lonely and cold she felt.

— Suzy

Although Suzy received some criticism initially for “looking awkward while smoking,” she actually nailed the scenes. Perhaps it was her usual innocent image with the public that affected reviews of this.

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Just as Suzy indicated, Doo Na used to wear comfortable and modest clothing. As she became more popular and emotionally unstable, she began changing her style.

Doo Na practicing predebut.

Doona! sat on the top of Netflix’s charts globally for the week of launch. It is considered one of the platform’s most successful Korean content pieces in 2023.

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