LilxMilkies: The Rising Star Bringing a Surreal Tone to the Music Industry

LilxMilkies: The Rising Star Bringing a Surreal Tone to the Music Industry

In the vast realm of hip-hop and rap, a new talent has emerged, captivating audiences with his unique and surreal sound. Meet LilxMilkies, a 21-year-old Gen Z artist, producer, and audio engineer hailing from Oklahoma. With a decade of dedication to his craft, LilxMilkies is ready to take the music industry by storm with his highly anticipated 5-song EP, “ARC.” Let’s delve into the world of LilxMilkies and explore what sets him apart.

A Decade of Dedication:

LilxMilkies’ journey in music began ten years ago, and since then, he has continuously honed his skills as an artist, producer, and audio engineer. Through countless albums, EPs, and singles, he has demonstrated his versatility and growth as an artist. This level of commitment and determination is what sets LilxMilkies apart from his peers, as he has tirelessly strived to perfect his craft.

The OUTONSPACE Productions Team:

At the helm of OUTONSPACE Productions, LilxMilkies brings together a team of talented individuals who share his passion for music and visual storytelling. With the support of videography crew members Stxrbxy.6ixx and Stxrbxy.bubbly, LilxMilkies ensures that his artistic vision is brought to life with stunning visuals. Additionally, the roster of talented artists including SimplyM.I.A, Ja’don, and Mind of Nell, adds depth and diversity to the OUTONSPACE Productions family.

The Surreal Tone:

What truly sets LilxMilkies apart is his ability to create a surreal tone within his music. His unique blend of atmospheric melodies, introspective lyrics, and experimental production techniques transport listeners to an ethereal realm. LilxMilkies effortlessly combines elements of hip-hop and rap with dreamlike soundscapes, creating a sound that is entirely his own. This surreal tone not only captivates the audience but also leaves a lasting impression, making LilxMilkies an artist to watch.

Making a Name for Oklahoma:

While LilxMilkies undoubtedly has his sights set on global recognition, he also aims to put Oklahoma on the map as a thriving hub of musical talent. By showcasing his talent and collaborating with fellow Oklahoma artists, LilxMilkies hopes to shed light on the vibrant music scene in his hometown and inspire other local artists to pursue their dreams.


LilxMilkies is a rising star in the music industry, armed with a surreal tone that captivates audiences and sets him apart from the crowd. With a decade of dedication, a talented team at OUTONSPACE Productions, and a passion for putting Oklahoma on the musical map, LilxMilkies is well on his way to making a name for himself. Keep an eye out for his highly anticipated EP, “ARC,” as it promises to be a sonic journey like no other.


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