James Lee Announces Engagement


On October 30, 2023, former Royal Pirates bassist James Lee announced his upcoming marriage on Instagram. 


Lee wrote, ” I have some great news [I] am excited to share with you. I’m getting married!”


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In the post, Lee introduced his fiancé, Fafa, but did not provide details about who she is since Lee tries “to keep parts of my life private to remind myself to appreciate the experiences and moments we have [face-to-face,” but he added, “Fafa is a beautiful person inside and out with an incredible sense of responsibility, passion, integrity and loves with her entire being. She is kind-hearted and unafraid to fight and sacrifice for the people she loves. She reminds me that even though there are challenges every single day, it’s worth it to persevere, to get up and fight and be a better person.”

Lee, who is also the dog dad to Jerry the Woolf, was Royal Pirates’ bassist from 2009-2017. In 2015, Lee sustained severe injuries to his left wrist and shoulder when a restaurant’s steel door frame and glass fell on him. The accident nearly left Lee without his hand, but it was reattached during a lengthy surgery. The injury forced Lee to give up bass, and he switched to keyboard during Royal Pirates’ November 2015 “Run Away” comeback.

Lee departed Royal Pirates in 2017 due to the injury. He has been active on social media and in music since.

Lee’s marriage news is joyful news he deserves! Congratulations to Lee and his fiancé!


—-Olivia Murray




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