TXT Share That Every Moment With MOAs Is A Part Of Their Shining Youth

TXT Share That Every Moment With MOAs Is A Part Of Their Shining Youth

K-Pop idol group TXT recently talked honestly about themselves and the team under the themes of “dreams,” “reality,” “pain, “courage,” and “growth.” This video, posted on their YouTube channel, was composed of broad yet in-depth answers encompassing the group’s past, present, and future, which has entered its fifth year of debut.

TXT’s Yeonjun | TXT Official/YouTube

When asked about the dream they wanted to achieve the most right now, Yeonjun answered, “I hope the members are happy and healthy, and personally, I hope I can become a great artist.” Soobin added, “I wish I could become more confident in myself. I’m currently in the process of finding myself, and I think I’ve almost found it. I feel like I’m starting to know myself better now.”

TXT’s Soobin | TXT Official/YouTube

In addition, Taehyun recalled the first year-end award ceremony after debut and stated, “It was very hard on my body and I thought it would be good to rest, but it was the first time I felt accomplishment. I thought, ‘We worked for a year and we did a good job.’ I was happy because it was a moment that gave me the strength to continue on.”

TXT’s Taehyun | TXT Official/YouTube

When asked about “youth,” Taehyun replied, “Every time MOA cheers us on, that moment is youth.” Huening Kai added, “Our youth is right now. This moment with MOA, from debut to now, and for the next years…I think that will be youth,” expressing his love for the fans.

TXT’s Huening Kai | TXT Official/YouTube

In the video, TXT also expressed their views on teamwork and goals. Huening Kai said, “As we spend a lot of time together, our teamwork develops. It seems that there are no limits to teamwork.” Soobin added, “If I were to be ambitious, I would like to become a team that continues to rise with each album and comeback,” and added that as a personal goal, “I am satisfied if the team does well.”

TXT’s Beomgyu | TXT Official/YouTube

They also talked about the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, a prestigious music awards ceremony in the U.S. Beomgyu recalled, “I had a solo performance, and my heart was pounding so hard that I wondered if a human heart could beat that fast. It took a lot of courage,” and added, “I hope our sincerity about the stage, album, and music is conveyed to everyone who watches the stage.”

At the end of the video, Yeonjun expressed his sincere gratitude and affection to his fans, saying, “I hope you finish the rest of this year healthy and happy, and I hope you build a lot of fun and happy memories with TXT next year. Thank you for always being by my side and I love you.”

On the other hand, TXT will hold the encore performance of their second world tour, TOMORROW. Both performances will be held simultaneously as offline performances and online live streaming. For offline performances, membership pre-sale will be held at Interpark at 8 PM KST on November 1, and general reservation will be held at 8 PM KST on November 3.

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