Stray Kids Fans Disappointed In Felix’s “Lazy” Styling For The “2024 MET Gala”

Stray Kids Fans Disappointed In Felix’s “Lazy” Styling For The “2024 MET Gala”

On May 6, Stray Kids made history by becoming the first K-Pop group to attend the MET Gala. Invited to the event by designer Tommy Hilfiger, the members were dressed in his go-to color scheme of red, white, and blue.

i love skz with my whole heart + they look so good but these outfits theyre so boring and how are they on theme

— 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 준 ON STRIKE (@junhuigemini) May 6, 2024

While the members dazzled with their visuals, however, there was some disappointment over the lack of creativity regarding this year’s theme, which was “The Garden of Time”. Other attendees wowed with their stylists’ interpretations of the theme, especially with the exhibition divided into land, sea, and sky.

donatella versace wearing her own design, her met gala dress was inspired by the ivy details from versace ss97

— ✭ (@badestoutfit) May 7, 2024

a thread of my favorite looks from this year’s met gala

1. tyla in balmain

— AARON (@lidolmix) May 7, 2024

Zendaya for the 2024 Met Gala.

— Zendaya Updates (@Zendaya_Updated) May 7, 2024

The Stray Kids’ members’ suits did include some floral accents, but they were subtle and not all that noticeable unless you looked more closely. Overall, some people thought that their designer could have gone much more extravagant with their styling, but the member who fans feel the most disappointed with how he was styled is Felix.


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Felix already has a naturally elfish, ethereal aura about him, which would have made it easy to give him a more dramatic look that perfectly suited the theme. Instead, while his long blond hair and pixie-like features shone at the event, many just feel like his outfit was underwhelming when it could have been so much more.

Felix (Stray Kids) | @yong.lixx/Instagram | @yong.lixx/Instagram

He later took to Instagram to give a more up-close look at his outfit, but if anything it has made some fans more disappointed in how much more extreme — in a good way — he could have been styled.

| @yong.lixx/Instagram | @yong.lixx/Instagram

The complaints aren’t directed at Felix himself, of course, but at his stylists. Some fans think that maybe needing to style all eight members of Stray Kids limited what they could do with their outfits, so some wonder if sending just a couple of members to the event might have been better.

| @yong.lixx/Instagram | @yong.lixx/Instagram | @yong.lixx/Instagram

His hair, if nothing else, definitely added to his elf-like charm!

| @yong.lixx/Instagram | @yong.lixx/Instagram

There have been examples of what people would have liked to see more of at the MET Gala going around on social media, not just for Felix and Stray Kids, but for male celebrities as a whole, who tend to be the most disappointing at the event each year.

| Pinterest | Pinterest | Pinterest

Kinda sad because the designer could’ve tapped more into the theme instead of boring ass suits it’s the met gala where fashion and creativity is supposed to be the forefront tired of designers taking the easy way out of shit (this is not directed at skz but the designers themself

— Yeosangscherry/ Soobinsgf ⁷ Saw TXT (@YeonbinsPeach) May 6, 2024

Here’s what people are saying on a forum post about the topic.

How do you feel about Felix’s MET Gala styling?

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