NewJeans’ Hyein Goes Viral For Her Model Proportions

NewJeans’ Hyein Goes Viral For Her Model Proportions

NewJeansHyein is making waves with her model physique!

NewJeans’ Hyein and Danielle | @newjeans_official/Instagram

At only 16 years old, Hyein has already reached 170 cm (5’7″) and is continuing to grow.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

Hyein isn’t just tall — She also has the most enviable proportions! Wowing netizens with her long legs, all of her height comes from the lower half of her body.

[Video could not be displayed]

Because of this, she even has a similar stature to some male idols including BTS‘s V.

why are taehyung and hyein almost the same height.. just how tall is she..

— HURT SOTY 𓃹 (@hurtsaz) September 15, 2023

However, it’s these video clips of Hyein that have netizens convinced she’s blessed by the proportion gods!

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[Video could not be displayed]

It’s not hard to see why netizens are convinced Hyein has it all!

| OSEN | @rockineve/Instagram

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