Watch Everton manager Sean Dyche hire Blossoms for a gorilla heist in new video for ‘What Can I Say After I’m Sorry?’

Watch Everton manager Sean Dyche hire Blossoms for a gorilla heist in new video for ‘What Can I Say After I’m Sorry?’

Blossoms have shared a new single called ‘What Can I Say After I’m Sorry?’. Watch the official video, starring Everton manager Sean Dyche, below.

The song marks the Stockport band’s first release of 2024, following on from last year’s ‘To Do List (After The Breakup)’. It was co-produced by J Lloyd of Jungle alongside Blossoms’ frequent collaborator James Skelly (The Coral).

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“We’ve always been big fans of Jungle so we reached out to them last year and this was the first song we worked on,” the group wrote on social media. “It came together in a few hours, we finished it off with James Skelly and we absolutely love it.”

They added in a statement: “Sonically, it feels like a new avenue for the band but it still retains the core Blossoms DNA.”

Split my tea upon the floor trying to write a song revealing all/ It’s like I’m only half around and most of the time I’m feeling down/ Why do all the simple things now seem to fill my head with doubt?” frontman Tom Ogden sings on the funk-tinged track.

I don’t think I’d talk like this to anybody/ But you’re not anybody.”

The single also arrives with a vintage-looking video, directed by Ogden and his brother Ewan. It spoofs the story of an eight-foot fibreglass gorilla called Gary being stolen from a garden centre in Scotland last year.

The visuals begin with Everton manager and former footballer Sean Dyche giving Blossoms some “really important” instructions before sending them out on a mission: “We’ve gotta get Gary!”

The band then head out on the road in an old-school orange campervan, which ends up breaking down in the countryside.

Speaking to Ogden on the phone from his mansion, Dyche says: “Listen – there’s always hiccups, there’s always problems with these things. It’s how we deal with them. So I suggest you get a move on and get that van fixed. ‘Cause I’m running out of patience, mate.”

Blossoms eventually continue with their plan, pulling up at the garden centre under the cover of darkness. Donning balaclavas and black clothing, the group manage to track down Gary and tie the statue to a trailer behind their campervan.

At the end of the video, viewers are told that the story is “to be continued” as Blossoms make their getaway. You can watch it all unfold above.

In a statement, Dyche said: “I was delighted to be asked to appear in Blossoms’ new video and it was great to have a ‘craic’ with them whilst filming. Great lads and a great band … Loving what they all produce.”

Last year, Dyche talked about being a big fan of Kasabian, U2 and house music. He also recently said that everyone should go see Green Day live, explaining: “You can’t not like it, I’m telling you!”

He continued: “That’s my advice for you: anyone who’s not seen Green Day, I don’t care what music you’re into, just buy a ticket and see Green Day.”

‘What Can I Say After I’m Sorry?’ is expected to feature on Blossoms’ fifth studio album, details of which have not yet been revealed. Their most recent record, ‘Ribbon Around The Bomb’, was released in 2022.

During an interview late last year, Ogden explained that Blossoms’ next full-length effort was “the most we’ve kind of spread our wings in terms of collaboration”.

“We worked with CMAT a little bit, who we are big fans of, and we worked with Jungle who we’re big fans of,” he said.

After headlining Club NME in February, Blossoms are scheduled to play a huge outdoor show in Manchester this summer with support from the likes of InhalerShed Seven and The K’s. You can find any remaining tickets here.

Blossoms are also set to make appearances at the Isle Of Wight Festival, TRNSMT and Liam Gallagher & Friends’ Malta Weekender. In August, they’ll open for Tom Grennan at his gig in London’s Gunnersbury Park.

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