SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Owns Up To Being A “Middle School Drop Out” In Candid Weverse Comment

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Owns Up To Being A “Middle School Drop Out” In Candid Weverse Comment

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon can make fans laugh without trying!

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon | @vernonline/Instagram

On May 1, the PLEDIS Entertainment idol answered some of their questions on Weverse. He talked about simple things like not yet seeing JOKER 2 in person.

He also had more casual responses like greeting fans like as if they were friends texting each other.

One particular question and answer portion is going viral: when one CARAT asked him to help them complete their thesis.

Vernon, help me on my thesis paper.


A thesis is a long research paper that is usually used in the context of obtaining a Master’s degree. Vernon’s reply was hilariously straightforward!

I’m a middle school dropout.,

— Vernon

He has always been honest about stopping his studies as a young kid, even addressing it in the lyrics of their song “Trauma.”

Trauma got me bad, bad
I dropped out of school in 8th grade
Basically had no friends


Instead of going through the usual formal education path, he studied at home with his parents. This gave him time to pursue his dream of being a K-Pop idol on the side.

I have been taking homeschooling from my parent after I dropped out school in my 8th grade.

Vernon on the Mnet show Visiting Tutor

Fans always love how he owns up to his lack of a degree without remorse.

I love that whenever someone asks vernon anything academic, he pulls out the “I dropped out of middle school” card. LIKE he’s actually hilarious he don’t wanna deal w any school stuff

— mika ᡣ𐭩ྀིྀི₊ ⊹ maestro (@rockwithgyu_325) May 1, 2024

vernon came onto weverse to clarify that he’s a middle school dropout, has watched challengers, told someone to pass their exams instead of passing away and then left …

— misa (@maesvto) May 1, 2024

i’m so over the moon, i still can’t believe that vernon replied to me? he knows my existence

i really can’t with his dark humor but regardless of being a middle school dropout u still achieved so much more & striving to become even more successful in life! i love u ♡ ̆̈

— lexmglvr ಇ. (@mylovemin9yu_k) May 1, 2024

While he could not help the fan with their thesis, he was able to give another one advice on exams.

Fan: Vernon, I have an exam tomorrow. Should I pass it or pass away?

Vernon: Preferably the former.

Though Vernon does not have an advanced degree, he is successful as an artist nonetheless!

| @vernonline/Instagram

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