Popular International Influencer Couple Goes Viral, Gets Slammed After Sharing How They Met

Popular International Influencer Couple Goes Viral, Gets Slammed After Sharing How They Met

Instagram influencer @palindri, whose real name is Lina, has gained a decent following on social media for sharing her experience living in South Korea. Lina is originally from Belarus, and moved to Korea about five years ago as an exchange student. Over the 600+ posts she has made on Instagram, sheโ€™s shared the beauty of Korea along with her traveling and, perhaps most notably, her relationship with her now-husband, who is a Korean native.

Her followers enjoy the aesthetic and interesting posts that she shares of her life, which range from places she recommends visiting in South Korea to what her life is like being in an international relationship.

However, her most recent post has managed to go more viral than most of her previous ones, and not for positive reasons.

The post shares how she met her now-husband when she was just 19 (still a student) and he was 29. She claims that it wasnโ€™t love at first sight when they met up for coffee the first time and talked for hours, but that over the course of texting him frequently and meeting up with him more, she developed feelings for him. And a year later, they were engaged.

Itโ€™s not the first time she has spoken about the large age gap between herself and her husband. There have been other posts about it in the past, but none of them went as viral as the most recent one did.

The latest post has received far more comments than any others on her profile as well, and the majority of the comments are accusing her husband of being a groomer and wondering why a 29-year-old would be interested in a 19-year-old.

While there are some comments in support of the couple, they are far fewer and have much fewer likes.

The couple are now 25 and 34 (almost 35), and have been married for a few years. From what Lina shares online, they seem to have a happy relationship, and she hasnโ€™t responded to the numerous comments criticizing her husband or their courtship.

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