Bang Yongguk’s Houston Show: A Wild Ride of Feelings and Hype

Bang Yongguk’s Houston Show: A Wild Ride of Feelings and Hype


If there is one regret that will follow me after this experience, it’s that I did not bring a whistle.

Since January 2012, albeit I didn’t become a fan of K-pop until October that year, it’s widely known that a whistle… a Matoki support whistle, at that… is forever tied to Bang Yongguk (Korean: 방용국).

On April 17, 2024, charismatic artist Bang Yongguk, brought ‘III’ THE US TOUR 2024 to House of Blues Houston, Texas. The leader and unmistakable voice of former group B.A.P. rocked the stage with nothing but a deejay, microphone, and charisma that ranged from relentless rizz to knee-weakening aegyo at any given moment, keeping fans captivated and excited.

Credit: MyMusicTaste


The crowd of fans was a diverse and welcoming mix. From longtime fans of B.A.P. with lightsticks in tow, to those who came on board when he first went solo in 2018, everyone was eager to see him.

“I found him scrolling on YouTube,” said one fan before the show started, wearing a t-shirt from his 2023 meet and greet. “If I could tell him one thing, it would be that I love him!”



The enthusiasm felt different than that of idol group tours. And for good reason: the venue was perfectly selected for intimacy, giving Yongguk the perfect opportunity to engage with everyone present. There was no pushing alongside the stage rails, nor was there difficulty in finding a space to regroup if jumping along to the music set one’s adrenaline too high. After experiencing some poor venue choices with other acts, I can confidently say that MyMusicTaste knew exactly what to do to make for a great experience.



After an organized entry into the venue and an energizing set from his deejay, Bang Yongguk launched into jam after jam. At one point, he even popped on a cowboy hat, hyping everyone up even more! His command of the stage is undeniable and the remaining stops on the tour are in for a real treat. The musicality is there and he deserves the interest.

Oh, yeah, don’t forget to bring a whistle.


All image credits, unless otherwise noted: Jessica Nicco


Author by: Ashley Griffin-Borjon 



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