LinkedIn Adds Free Games To Play On Its Platform

LinkedIn Adds Free Games To Play On Its Platform

Source: LinkedIn / LinkedIn Games

You can now play some games on LinkedIn before you embark on your daily job hunt.

LinkedIn is the latest company to enter the video gaming market. Spotted on The Verge, the social media platform mainly used by people to find employment and share their accomplishments, will now allow its users to play games.

The company isn’t selling games or making users pay a subscription fee to play its offering of three games, PinpointQueens, and Crossclimb, yet.

Users can play each of them once per day, as well as other metrics like high scores and daily streaks on the platform. You can head here to gain access to LinkedIn’s game offerings.

Per The Verge, Here Is A Description of Each Game:

Pinpoint is a word association game. The game will unveil five different words, and your job is to guess the category the words fit into. The words will reveal themselves on a timer with the objective being to guess the category in as few words as possible.

Crossclimb combines trivia with clever wordplay. You’ll be given a clue for a word, and with that word as a starting point, you’ll create a ladder of words with each subsequent entry being just one letter off from the one before. Arranging the words in the correct order will reveal the clue to guess the locked entries on the ladder to win the game. It’s probably better to see it in action.

Finally, Queens is the most interesting game as it’s merely sudoku without numbers. Place queens on a grid such that no queens touch each other and there is a single queen in each row and column.

While many might be puzzled by LinkedIn’s decision to add games to its platform, this shouldn’t be shocking. The platform could be trying to keep old users on the site while attracting new ones.

LinkedIn Is Joining Other Companies

LinkedIn isn’t the first company to do this. The New York Times made the jump into the game space, with Axios reporting that its games were played over 8 billion times, with Wordle, which it acquired in 2022, accounting for more than half of those plays.

Users can pay a subscription fee to play the games or opt for the more expensive subscription, which gives them access to other New York Times content besides the games.

Netflix is also slowly building its video game library, allowing subscribers to play games like Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition or Hades.

LinkedIn will regularly offer games on its platform, with Lakshman Somasundaram, its product director, saying in a press release, “It’s time we turn over a new leaf in how we deepen and reignite relationships at work and put fun at the heart of it.”

We are intrigued to see how long this lasts.

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