Dahn World Releases Official Statement About Accusations Of Being Linked To HYBE As A Cult

Dahn World Releases Official Statement About Accusations Of Being Linked To HYBE As A Cult

Previously, HYBE was accused of affliation to a cult, Dahn World. Fan-fuelled theories spread rapidly, causing the public to crack down on HYBE. Netizens accused HYBE of planting cult-related motifs in songs and music videos of their artists. You can read more about the accusations below.

HYBE Accused of Cult Association: Fan-Found “Evidences” Fuel Conspiracies

On May 1, 2024, Dahn World has spoken up. Dahn World is registered as a well-being and yoga company, and have used their official social media channels to speak up. They issued a statement through a video on the matter.

They thoroughly denied any association to HYBE.

Dahn World’s statement. | theqoo

“This is the preview to Dahn World’s official statement about the issue with HYBE. We will release the full version on May 2, 2024. Dahn World has absolutely no link to HYBE. We plan on taking legal action against the damaging controversy that is unfolding. Please stop the in-discriminatory malicious acts towards Dahn World. We plan on deleting such comments without prior notice and taking legal action.”

— Dahn World

They also continued to state that they have been unexpectedly dragged into the matter, calling themselves a yoga corporation.

“Amidst the search for the truth between entertainment company HYBE and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, yoga corporation Dahn World has been dragged into related controversy. We wish to clearly state that the controversy surrounding Dahn World Corp, Ltd, is completely false. We will be taking strong legal action against the spread of fake news that frames Dahn World, causing slander, disruption of business, and financial losses.”

— Dahn World

Their preview video continues to state how they are not a cult, but simply an education company that teaches good practices for a better life. The full video on their official stance will be released on May 2, 2024. Stay tuned for more on the topic.


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