HYBE And SM Entertainment Employees Savagely Fight Over TWS Diss

HYBE And SM Entertainment Employees Savagely Fight Over TWS Diss

SM Entertainment and HYBE employees were seen fighting in an online community.

TWS | The Korea Times

On April 11, a post titled “SM HYBE Fight” went viral. In the post, a netizen uploaded photos from the online community Blind. Blind is an anonymous app that only verified employees from many of the nation’s companies can join.

In the post, an SM Entertainment employee sarcastically congratulates TWS for placing in the weekly charts.

HYBE is HYBE, after all… It’s crazy that TWS has been on the weekly 50 charts… (HYBE) really makes every group that debut rise in the charts… I’m jealous

— SM Entertainment employee

Another SM Entertainment then commented that TWS’s success was largely due to HYBE’s marketing tactics.

“Rather than the song charting on its own merits, the song benefitted from HYBE investing in advertisements.”

Not to be outdone, a HYBE employee then dissed SM Entertainment right back and claimed a large number of SM Entertainment releases were collecting dust overseas.

“(Instead of hating) go collect all of your CDs overseas, lol.”

Netizens reacted to the posts, with many criticizing SM Entertainment for discrediting TWS. Others stated that the once K-Pop powerhouse was now just a shadow of its former self.

“The fact they are even starting a fight with another label means they’ve lost, lol. Pink blood (SM), you’re pitiful.” “Best boy group: BTS. Best girl group: BLACKPINK. Best male solo: GD. Best woman solo: IU. This is SM’s last hoorah after they’ve lost the top spot.” “Honestly, without their Chinese fans, SM idols are less than average.” “SM is getting sadder by the day, lol.” “SM stans always think when their artist charts that it is organic, but when HYBE artist charts that is through manipulation, lol.” “I can’t believe SM is complaining about viral marketing, lol. Like they didn’t buy a million copies of RIIZE to use in their media play. They really shouldn’t have anything to say about TWS, lol.” “SM is over… That is the reality.”

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