Jerrod Carmichael Slammed On X For Slavery, Race Play Joke

Jerrod Carmichael Slammed On X For Slavery, Race Play Joke

Source: Michael Buckner / Getty / Jerrod Carmichael

Comedian/actor Jerrod Carmichael isn’t afraid to push the envelope with his style of comedy, but his latest joke went too far with Black Xitter, formerly known as Black Twitter.

Spotted on TMZ, Jerrod Carmichael is catching some serious flack for his joke on his new HBO Max reality series, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show.

In the most recent episode, the comedian, who used a previous HBO comedy standup special to come out as gay, joked he partakes in “race-based role-playing” with his white boyfriend.

Per TMZ:

The controversial quip came on HBO’s “Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show” … where JC says, “I sometimes joke to him that our relationship is like that of a slave and a master’s son … who, like, teaches me how to read by candlelight.”

Just that opening line drew some jeers, but Jerrod pressed on, “Yeah, he groans too ’cause he’s a good person. He doesn’t like that f***ing joke. I like that joke. That’s my burden, I think that s***’s hilarious!!’

Black X Users Didn’t Find Anything Funny ABout Carmichael’s Joke

The eyebrow-raising moment from the show immediately went viral on X, formerly Twitter, with many Black users giving Carmichael the side eye.

HBO Max cancelled every Black led show on the network so Jerrod Carmichael could suck on white feet,” one user on X wrote. 

Another X user said, “everything i know about Jerrod Carmichael has been against my will…”

Niggas like Jerrod Carmichael confuse me. If I were into race play, I’d never be the slave. I’d be whipping white bitches and calling it reparations. How you still the slave in YOUR fantasy?” another person added on X. 

Carmichael catching slack on X comes after he called out Dave Chappelle for his transphobic remarks.

We are curious to see if Carmichael responds to the backlash.

You can see more reactions to the clip in the gallery below.

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