Boston Post-Punk Trio House of Harm Debuts Video for “Soaked In Pastel” — EU and UK Tour Dates Announced

Boston Post-Punk Trio House of Harm Debuts Video for “Soaked In Pastel” — EU and UK Tour Dates Announced

With the release of their latest video for “Soaked in Pastel,” House of Harm reaffirms their knack in blending the quintessential elements of post-punk with their unique modern sensibilities. The Boston-based trio, known for their shadowy pop inclinations, delivers a piece that resonates with the depth and dynamism characteristic of their work.

The song’s opening guitar riff immediately transports listeners to the golden era of UK post-punk, invoking memories of legendary bands like The Sound and The Chameleons. The intricate interplay of guitars, reminiscent of Reg Smithies’ iconic riffs, creates a forward-moving energy that’s both nostalgic and fresh. It’s this dynamic fusion that ignites the track with a resolve to confront the unseen, making “Soaked in Pastel” a tune that gets the blood churning with both fire and ice.

Frontman Mike Rocheford’s vocal delivery is a study of contrast and harmony. His voice, imbued with a restrained romance, exudes a palpable passion and power that’s further amplified by the complementary, unstrained harmony from his overdub. This vocal arrangement adds a layered richness to the track, enhancing its cinematic quality.

Rocheford provides insight into the genesis of “Soaked in Pastel,” sharing that, “The lyrics of the song are written about a series of images in dreams I was having at the time, which contrasts with the more raw instrumental behind them. Although the subject matter is relatively light, there is an undercurrent of deceitfulness that feels seductive.”

As one of House of Harm’s finest works, “Soaked in Pastel” is a testament to the band’s ability to craft music that’s both simple and profound. The song’s structure, while straightforward, encapsulates a breadth of depth and emotion, establishing it as a significant track in their discography.

The accompanying video, directed by Chris O’Konski, mirrors the song’s ethos in its simplicity and effectiveness. Set in a sepia-toned, warehouse-like space, the visual oscillates between feelings of confinement and boundlessness. The slow, swirling camera movement captures the band in a dreamlike haze, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. The ambiguous nature of the setting—be it under skylights, fluorescent lamps, or ceiling tiles—adds to the video’s mystique, making it a compelling visual companion to the song.

Watch the video for “Soaked in Pastel” below:

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House of Harm is set to embark on their first international excursion, the “Lessons Abroad in UK/EU 2024” tour, a trek that promises to bring the band’s distinctive shadowy pop sound to a host of cities across the UK and Europe. The tour kicks off on November 22nd at The Shacklewell Arms in London, UK, setting the stage for a series of performances in iconic venues like the Kazimier Stockroom in Liverpool and The Tin in Coventry. The band then crosses into mainland Europe, with stops that include the storied Chelsea Club in Vienna and Robot in Budapest, before wrapping up the tour with a night at Berlin’s Urban Spree on December 6th

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