Texas New Wavers Don’t Get Lemon Pay Homage to Wim Wenders in Their Video for “Highway 59”

Texas New Wavers Don’t Get Lemon Pay Homage to Wim Wenders in Their Video for “Highway 59”

And if you had a life to spare
Could you afford me half?
And if I had the right to care
Would you even need it back?

In a charming interplay of suave art rock and new wave reverie, Don’t Get Lemon’s latest single, “Highway 59,” vividly tributes the tangled emotions and landscapes of European post-punk and the droll warmth of the band’s Houston sound while paying homage to the evocative narrative of Wim Wenders’ classic film “Paris, Texas.” 

The song “Highway 59” is itself an effervescent journey through time and sound, with bubbling retro synths that recall the nostalgic undertones of Survive and Black Marble, coupled with a vocal delivery that finds a unique crossroad between the haunting depth of Dave Gahan, the chameleonic allure of David Bowie, and the resonant croons reminiscent of early-2000s post-punk revival. The presence of the guitars is subtle yet profound, shimmering with an ethereal quality that evokes the peak artistry of The Cure’s “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me” and “Disintegration,” with echoes of the iconic Cocteau Twins Gretsch sound as heard in “Crushed.”

The accompanying music video, masterfully shot and edited by Jennifer Battaglia, is a visual feast that perfectly encapsulates the song’s ethereal soundscape. It ushers viewers into a vivid, surreal dream—not the kind where you’re hampered by the frustrating inability to run fast or punch hard, but a liberating fantasy where you can step out of your car and dance with the kind of abandon found in the late ’80s golden era of music culture. The only thing missing from this nostalgic reverie? Wistful cameos from Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski to complete the homage to “Paris, Texas.”

Watch the video for “Highway 59” below:

Emerging from the eclectic music landscape of Texas, Don’t Get Lemon is a band that defies easy categorization. At the core of this art-pop ensemble are Austin Curtis, Nicholas Ross, and Bryan Walters, three longtime friends whose synergy and shared vision have propelled the band into the spotlight. Austin Curtis, the charismatic frontman, commands attention with his compelling vocal presence, and his stage persona is a blend of theatricality and raw emotion.

Nicholas Ross and Bryan Walters complement Curtis’s performances with their multi-instrumental talents, crafting the sonic landscape that has become the band’s signature. Ross’s mastery of synth and guitar layers the music with rich, atmospheric textures, while Walters’s bass and percussion work provide the rhythmic backbone that drives each song. Together, they create music that is both nostalgic and forward-looking, paying homage to the giants of new wave and post-punk while infusing their sound with contemporary influences.

Don’t Get Lemon’s journey began with the release of their debut album Hyper Hollow Heaven, a project that introduced their unique blend of introspective lyrics and captivating melodies. Their follow-up album, Have Some Shame, saw the band expanding their sonic palette, incorporating glittering synth-pop and stomping glam rock into their repertoire. This evolution in their sound reflects the band’s commitment to artistic growth and their desire to explore new musical territories.

Have Some Shame, the 9-song, 37-minute album, is due out on April 23rd, 2024, via à La Carte Records and Summer Darling Tapes. It was recorded in rural Texas by Dan Duszynski (Loma / Sub Pop) and mastered by Paul Gold (LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective). This buoyant collection of songs revolts against the bored, distant gaze of cliché coldwave and instead retaliates with the warm, fiery embrace of what the band contrastingly dubs as “Heatwave.” This heartfelt sound forms an idiosyncratic identity that also wouldn’t be out of place in a classic John Hughes 80s film soundtrack.

Pre-order the album here

Have Some Shame by don’t get lemon

Don’t Get Lemon will be on the road with Holy Wire during the summer of 2024, hitting cities across the U.S..

Don’t Get Lemon Live Dates:

Saturday, June 8th, Austin, TX, Hotel Vegas
Friday, June 14th, San Antonio, TX, Hi-Tones
Saturday, June 15th, Dallas, TX, Double Wide
Sunday, June 16th, Tulsa, OK, Whittier Bar
Monday, June 17th, Kansas City, MO, Farewell Cafe
Wednesday, June 19th, Milwaukee, WI, Bremen Cafe
Thursday, June 20th, Chicago, IL, Livewire Lounge
Friday, June 21st, Ann Arbor, MI, Ziggy’s
Saturday, June 22nd, Pittsburgh, PA, Remedy
Sunday, June 23rd, Cincinnati, OH, Madison Live
Monday, June 24th, Nashville, TN, The Cobra

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