Fact Check: GOT7’s Jackson Wang “Scolds” NCT’s Ten

Fact Check: GOT7’s Jackson Wang “Scolds” NCT’s Ten

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is currently serving as both a producer and lead mentor on Thai survival show CHUANG ASIA Thailand, a spin-off of Produce Camp. The label that he co-founded, RYCE Entertainment, will debut the winning team.

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang

NCT‘s Ten is also a co-judge on CHUANG ASIA Thailand.

NCT’s Ten

One clip of Ten has garnered attention on X (formerly Twitter). It appears that an audience member was recording Ten, and he noticed. So, he teasingly told them to pay attention to what was happening on stage.

lol was he asking op to pay attention to the stage?! #TENxChuangAsia#TENxCHUANGAsiaFinale#CHUANGAsiaDebutNight


— b stay, my water (@purrfecten_) April 6, 2024

Yet, in another clip, he was told the same thing. This other clip went viral with over 1M views at the time of writing. Ten was chatting with someone else when Jackson, sitting next to him, suddenly started gently tapping his arm to get his attention. Netizens interpreted this as Jackson telling Ten to be quiet.

Memes while Jackson be a chatterbox himself so him telling ten to stop and pay attention is funny as hell https://t.co/GBJi0dkRZN

— chantel nanami. (@chantellyyy) April 7, 2024


เมนเมอร์เตนล์โดนดุ #TENxCHUANGAsiaFinale #CHUANGAsiaGrandDebutNight #เตนล์ #TEN #TENLEE #jacksonwang

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – ครูศรีหนุ่ม the comedian c17 – ครูศรีหนุ่ม

Fans found this droll, knowing that Jackson himself is very outgoing and a “chatterbox.” So, for him to “scold” another “yapper” was funny.

This was only netizens’ interpretation. The full video shows Jackson nudged Ten so they could listen to the results and discuss them together. He wasn’t scolding Ten at all!

ตลกน้องเตนล์อ่ะเม้าท์จนพี่แจ็คต้องสะกิดพอประกาศผลเสร็จเม้าท์กับพี่แจ็คต่อ เม้าท์ซ้ายเม้าท์ขวายิ้มหวานน่ารักฉ่ำ #TENxCHUANGAsiaFinale pic.twitter.com/oczbSpu0tF

— 10𝑣𝑒𝑙𝑦ᵗᵉⁿ (@10vely_Ten) April 6, 2024

Lol turns out Jackson wasn’t scolding Ten for yapping, he just wanted to pay attention to the results with him, how cute.
Jack was paying attention to Ten more than the show at times pic.twitter.com/N7KNt9iC0E

— ୨୧ (@Tenniethinker) April 7, 2024

Read more about their interactions below.

GOT7’s Jackson And WayV’s Ten React Very Differently To A Thai Contestant’s “Flirting” Techniques

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