3rd Gen K-Pop Idol Shocks Fans With His Dorito Body Shape

3rd Gen K-Pop Idol Shocks Fans With His Dorito Body Shape

MONSTA X recently released Episode 403 of their behind-the-scenes series. This episode was titled “SHOWNU 2023 FUERZA BRUTA WAYRA IN SEOUL 1st & Last stage.”

Leader Shownu went viral after the video’s release as he showcased his godly physique.

MONSTA X’s Shownu | Starship Entertainment

In one scene, Shownu went backstage after performing. He quickly removed his harness, revealing a skintight white top that left nothing to the imagination.

| MONSTA X/YouTube

Later, Shownu stood up after having his hair and makeup touched up. His proportions were unbelievable from the back, as his shoulders’ width was much broader than his waist.

| MONSTA X/YouTube

MONBEBEs were sent into meltdown at the sight of Shownu. Some even commented that he looked like a human “Dorito.” A “Dorito body” is when one’s shoulders are enormous, but the waist is small. A famous example is Chris Evans as Captain America.

now how are we going to go from shownu’s adorable eye smile crinkles to him being built like a dorito pic.twitter.com/2EzHD0OzSk

— (@dawnuayo) April 8, 2024

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK pic.twitter.com/nou6hn4xAL

— (@bigmonstas) April 8, 2024

Shownu’s proportions are insane. Are we sure he’s only an idol and not also a superhero?

shownu removing his harness revealing his big heart pic.twitter.com/e3acG63SZO

— (@nunugomy) April 8, 2024

SHOWNU’S BACK MUSCLES GUYS pic.twitter.com/y9eBfn6lsl

— aurora :): fan account OTB (@ckyunstd) April 8, 2024

We need him on the next season of Physical: 100. 

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