TXT Yeonjun’s Love For Fu Bao The Panda Is Unmatched

TXT Yeonjun’s Love For Fu Bao The Panda Is Unmatched

TXT’s Yeonjun is known to be a huge animal lover and has shown particular affection for pandas! In older vlogs, Yeonjun showed just how excited he was to see pandas in real life!

yeonjun really really reaaaaally loves panda I hope he’ll get to meet Fu Bao soon pic.twitter.com/5zID0uR9Z5

— ؘ (@epporyou) June 17, 2023

In other live broadcasts, he would have fun conversations with fans about popular panda Fu Bao, the first panda born in Korea. He would even beg for Fu Bao to stay as he knew that she would have to leave soon.

ahh Fu Bao please don’t go… stay in south korea… seriously please…. stay in south korea…. Fu Bao…. don’t go… ♡

I’m crying yeonjun begging for Fu Bao to not leave pic.twitter.com/mVk5sxGUJc

— ؘ (@epporyou) June 17, 2023

In the most recent live broadcast, someone asked him to panda ears, which made him think about Fu Bao, and started getting emotional. Most recently, South Korea said farewell to Fu Bao, who was flown back to China earlier this week.

the way he started CRYING he loves fubao so much https://t.co/Cwlb1RY798 pic.twitter.com/dbsxLsdyA1

— gelatin (@fluffyeonbin) March 30, 2024

Yeonjun also previously visited Fu Bao and he couldn’t be happier. Just look at his reaction meeting Fu Bao for the first time!

qrts ! this is yeonjun from txt he is a big fan of fubao and this was the first meet of him and fubao please love him a lot pic.twitter.com/vPk0t9iOb9 https://t.co/BOJcJRRbch

— (@szazzn) April 4, 2024

He cannot stop talking about how loving and adorable Fu Bao is!

he is THE fubao lover pic.twitter.com/AmX0UbqTWq https://t.co/Caynx3XpUs

— ✶༊ (@lvrscbg) April 4, 2024

His love for the panda is truly unmatched.

my dramatic cute panda lover pic.twitter.com/6tjsWhyYjj https://t.co/8jytPQYmBr

— ꫂ ၴႅၴ fragile ✶༊ (@frostywnzzn) April 4, 2024

Honestly, fans just love seeing Yeonjun being happy about pandas!

the way he sees fubao is the way we see txt https://t.co/KbamFQ3KOM

— will — 樂★ (@hanjinos) March 30, 2024

he loves fubao so much he’s so real https://t.co/vdFydwlIrj

— (@mingoology) April 5, 2024

from aegyo to sobbing over a panda yeonjun i love u https://t.co/a7ljDeGXsa

— Robin (@gyukyeomies) April 5, 2024

Hopefully Yeonjun can see Fu Bao again in the future! Meanwhile, see the touching reaction of Fu Bao’s “grandfather” as they bid farewell.

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