Korean Netizens React To EXO Lay’s Sudden Korean Comeback

Korean Netizens React To EXO Lay’s Sudden Korean Comeback

EXO’s Lay will be making a Korean comeback. He will be launching a new album in April globally, and plans on promoting in South Korea as well.

Recently, Lay has been making tracks globally. He has expanded activities to international waters, collaborating with American pop star Lauv in February 2024. He also held a Japanese fan meeting, BURNING HEART.

Fans and netizens are incredibly surprised to hear that he will be promoting in South Korea. He left SM Entertainment in 2022 after the conclusion of his ten year contract with them. He has stated that he will remain a part of the group.

Netizen comments. | theqoo What do you mean he wasn’t a pigeon? LOL. He didn’t promote with the group. No interest. Is there even demand? Why not? Isn’t he better [than the others?] Isn’t it better to have left properly? He’s not promoting with the group, but doesn’t leave the group LOL. Didn’t he say he wants to spread C-Pop to the world? He’s just using K-Pop.

”Pigeon” is what many call those who promote in Korean groups to gain a fanbase before leaving for their own country.

Netizen comments. | theqoo I’m even more dumbfounded at the broadcasting station who will air him. Why? Why here? Guess he’s using Korea. Isn’t he appearing on Korean shows for Chinese people to see? To promote in China? ?? If you left, then promote there.

Lay’s last appearance with EXO was in 2017, where he performed in Hong Kong for the group’s concert. His last live promotion in South Korea was 2016’s Asia Song Festival. He altered returned to the group in 2021 for “Don’t Fight The Feeling,” appearing in a character video, but did not perform live with the group.

Luhan, Tao, and Lay.

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