Korean Netizens React To International Backlash Against Influencer Who Called Feminism “Psychosis”

Korean Netizens React To International Backlash Against Influencer Who Called Feminism “Psychosis”

Recently, a Korean influencer went viral internationally after he equated “feminism” with “psychosis” during a street interview.

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The interview followed a rapid-fire structure, where the man had to answer with the first word that came to his mind after hearing the prompt words. Throughout the one-minute-long clip, he blurted out some more problematic opinions, including calling misogyny “realistic” and women as “protected objects.”

This is genuinely crazy asf,,,no wonder their birth rates are low,,,,Korean women are strong as hell for dealing with this pic.twitter.com/m0RJ7sOTwy

— Tracy’s NewJeans⁷ (@ijbolhobi) April 3, 2024

The clip garnered huge attention on X, with over 18.6 million views on the Tweet at the time of writing. Netizens almost unitedly bashed the influencer, so much so that the man in the video had to shut down the comments on his Instagram account, and the channel that initially did the interview wiped it off from all their social media channels.

This backlash made its way back to the Korean internet again, where local netizens reveled at the harsh criticism faced by the influencer, highlighting how it’s the domestic social environment that allows such people to advocate their misogynistic opinions openly.

| Nate Pann “If a woman made such a statement, she would’ve gotten death threats, LOL. Even so, these Korean men will say until their last breath that this is a country made for women.” “If you watch the full video, you’ll be even more baffled. He said “Feminist-Psychosis,” “Women-Protected object,” “Misogyny-realist,” and “Pregnancy-Blessing.” What is he even saying? At least make some sense, you f*cker. If a woman should be “protected,” then how come discriminating against them is realistic—but asking for their rights is a mental illness? Misogyny is realistic, but women getting pregnant is a blessing? LOL.” “The very existence of Korean men [like him] is a feminist maker and birth rate suppressor. I pray that there be more K-Men like this. Hwaiting!” “I heard he works at an adult establishment…TT He sure does have a lot to say for someone who makes a living off women’s money.” “I always felt it when I saw that man on Instagram that he has mistaken himself as an affluent alpha male or something…His gaze, tone, behavior, everything has that vibe…But alpha males are not that kind of scoundrels, LOL.” “They took down the original video after getting backlash, LOL. In Korea, these K-Men say they want to eradicate feminism but don’t dare to say the same when they go out of the country because they will get beaten up. It’s the same as them criticizing female idols for reading the ‘Kim Ji Young’ book, but not being able to do the same with Yoo Jae Suk or RM.”

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