Actor Jeon Jong Seo’s Classmate Defends Her Against Bullying Accusations

Actor Jeon Jong Seo’s Classmate Defends Her Against Bullying Accusations

Recently, actress Jeon Jong So was accused of being a school bully by an anonymous netizen.

Jeon Jong Seo

On April 4, the netizen uploaded a post accusing actress “J” of stealing other students’ clothes and uniforms and actively bullying the ones who resisted.

After the allegations were connected to Jeon, her agency responded to the allegations the very next day, denying the claims completely.

We had not made an official statement because the rumors were false, but the false allegations and malicious comments continued and have brought serious mental harm to the actress and those close to her, and so we will be taking serious legal action. To this extent, we will be protecting our actress through our lawyers.

We would like to let you know that we will be taking legal action against any who posts malicious comments and spreads false allegations. We will continue to do our best to protect our actress


Now, a viral online community post has surfaced on Nate Pann, where the author, who claims to be Jeon’s middle school classmate, refuted the allegations.

I have never written something like this before, but when I saw (Jeon Jong Seo’s school violence allegations), I was so angry that I ended up writing this. I was in the same class with her when she was the class president. She was a friend who supported my childhood dream and believed that I would succeed. She was also friendly with all my other friends and not someone who would bully others.

— The OP

The OP (original poster) questioned the validity of the bullying accusations, pointing out that Jeon was the class president, and it would have been impossible for her to get that position if she had been a bully. They also attested that Jeon has never shown any violent or inappropriate behavior and described her as someone who has never lacked anything.

The post’s author also described Jeon’s personality and her stature as a student in detail.

She never even uttered the common curse words and did well in school. I never saw her get called to the teacher’s office, so please clarify what kind of bullying you were subjected to or show some evidence.

— The OP

The author also shared their graduation certificate issued by the government as proof of their claim of being Jeon’s classmate.

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Finally, the OP ended their post by saying that Jeon and her company were handling the situation wisely and offered to testify for the actress if need be.

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