When Will Bryson Tiller’s New Album Be On Apple Music?

When Will Bryson Tiller’s New Album Be On Apple Music?

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In March, Bryson Tiller announced his self-titled album, which will be his first full-length studio album since Anniversary arrived in October 2020. So, Bryson Tiller fans are starved for new Bryson Tiller music, but they better enjoy Bryson Tiller because another lengthy hiatus is on tap after his subsequent self-titled tour. During this album’s promotional cycle, Tiller told Complex that this album “is probably gonna be my last one for a minute” because he wants to focus on “getting closer to my daughters” and video game design.

When Will Bryson Tiller’s New Album Be On Apple Music?

Like most albums, Bryson Tiller will likely be available to stream on Apple Music right at 9 p.m. PST tonight (April 4) and midnight EST on Friday, April 5. The album should also be available to stream on Spotify and YouTube.

Bryson Tiller’s Bryson Tiller Tracklist

The 19-song tracklist is primarily feature-less, which is appropriate for a self-titled effort, save for “Persuasion” featuring Victoria Monét and “Random Access Memory (RAM)” featuring Clara La San.

1. “Http://”
2. “Attention”
3. “Stay Gold”
4. “Persuasion” Feat. Victoria Monét
5. “Ciao!”
6. “Peace Interlude”
7. “Rich Boy”
8. “Random Access Memory (RAM)” Feat. Clara La San
9. “No Thank You”
10. “Find My Way”
11. “Prize”
12. “Waterfalls”
13. “ÆON L U S T”
14. “Calypso”
15. “Outside”
16. “Undertow”
17. “F4U”
18. “Assume The Position”
19. “Whatever She Wants (Bonus)”

Bryson Tiller’s Bryson Tiller Album Cover

Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller is out 4/5 via RCA Records. Find out more information here.

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