Top Actress Exposes Ex-Husband’s Alleged Mistress In Explosive Post

Top Actress Exposes Ex-Husband’s Alleged Mistress In Explosive Post

Actress Hwang Jung Eum exposed her ex-husband’s alleged mistress on Instagram.

Hwang Jung Eum

On April 4, the actress uploaded a photo of a woman’s Instagram post to her account’s story. The actress then sarcastically asks her to marry her ex-husband.

Hey ugly. Please marry Young Don. Can’t you go to Thailand after you divorce me?

— Hwang Jung Eum

This isn’t the first time that Hwang Jung Eum has taken to her Instagram to put her husband’s affair on blast.

My loving husband is so beautiful. This is my husband, Lee Young Don, who has been so busy enjoying himself since getting married to me. You’ve been so busy until now, now just enjoy yourself comfortably.

— Hwang Jung Eum

Netizen: So this is what he looks like. HJE: He looks like someone you’d have a hard time remembering. HJE: If I remember correctly, I think he dated like 400 people.

You can read more about her very public split from her husband in the link below.

Hwang Jung Eum Exposes Husband’s Infidelity On Instagram

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