[Exclusive Interview] DRIPPIN Takes Us Through a “Beautiful Maze”

[Exclusive Interview] DRIPPIN Takes Us Through a “Beautiful Maze”
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On April 3, the talented group DRIPPIN delighted fans worldwide with their return with the release of their highly anticipated new single album titled “Beautiful MAZE.” The mesmerizing title track, ‘Beautiful MAZE,’ which showcases the group’s unique blend of captivating vocals, dynamic choreography bursting with energy.

The title song ‘Beautiful MAZE’ is a NEW WAVE genre song completed by combining UP-TEMPO rhythm with a Synth-POP sound base. It unravels the misaligned ways of love and separation, and the pain of not being able to escape those emotions, through a medium called ‘Maze’. The faint whistle and escalating Drum n’ Bass rhythm are placed in the intro to stimulate immersion and emotions, instantly drawing you into the flow of the song.

The second song ‘Get LOUD’ is an attractive Future-Funk style dance song with a refreshing sound of Synthesizer and a bouncy Slap-Bass. It expresses the lively youth by combining fresh lyrics that capture the excitement of falling in love.

The third and final song ‘Black MIRROR‘ is a kitschy dance song that combines the Disco-Funk genre with strong synth sounds. It repeats strong attack kicks and snares in a simple structure to create a well-made mood and aggressive groove. In addition, the lyrics are attractive as they contain the agony of which of the two selves – the self portrayed on SNS and the self in reality – is the real me, and the mirror reflecting the two selves is expressed as ‘Black MIRROR’.

KpopWise spoke with DRIPPIN about the new single and answered some of DREAMIN’s questions.

Greeting to KpopWise Readers

How were preparations for this comeback different than previous albums? What was your favorite part of the process?

YUNSEONG : This title song is an easy-to-listen that was different from the sexiness we wanted t give in previous albums. 

DONGYUN : The album preparation process is always similar, but I think I enjoyed it more this time because the song style was my taste. 

Can you share any memorable moments from the recording studio while working on this EP?

JUNHO : When recording the title son’s verse, I had to think a lot about the feeling and the timing, and recorded it many times, so it was a bit difficult. 

MINSEO : Among my parts in the title song, there is a part “Why oh Why”, and I remember having a hard time pronouncing it correctly. 

How do you feel your sound has evolved since your last comeback, and what can fans expect from this new release?

YUNSEONG : Compared to the previous album, it’s definitely calmer and easier to listen to. I hope people can think this kind of song is also good, and the stage is different from the calm one. So, I hope listeners and people pay attention to those aspects as well. 

HYEOP : It seems like we are growing a little more mature and able to shine DRIPPIN’s own unique color even more.

Are there any specific themes or messages that you wanted to convey through the songs on this EP?

YUNSEONG : This title song is different from just watching the music video, just listening to the song, and watching it on stage. So, I hope people say that this kind of song is good because DRIPPIN sing it. 

What was your favorite part of filming the MV?

DONGYUN : There was a scene with JUNHO playing ‘Red light, Green light’ that we filmed late at night. It was fun and our tensions were super high. 

MINSEO : It was fun everyone running together. 

“Beautiful Maze” Music Video

Who do you think suits this comeback the most? 

YUNSEONG : HYEOP’s faint parts and the ad-libs at the end seem to suit the song.

JUNHO : Me!!!

DONGYUN : This time, everyone! Every member!

MINSEO : Everyone, among them MINSEO

HYEOP : Personally, it’s JUNHO. I think his voice and the mood suits him. 

If you had a chance to switch bodies with one member for one day, who would you switch with and why?

YUNSEONG : There isn’t….. But I’d like to try causing some troubles being one of the maknae rather than just one member. 

JUNHO : MINSEO. We have completely opposite MBTI, so I think I can have a fun day. 

DONGYUN : I want to be HYEOP and sing all the song I want in that one day. 

MINSEO : HYEOP!! He is such a great singer!!!

HYEOP : YUNSEONG. I want to dance good and freely like him.

What’s something you want to lean or wish you were better at?

YUNSEONG : I would like to try everything dance-wise. 

JUNHO : I am receiving acting class, and I want to be better at it. 

DONGYUN : I want to learn more diverse languages and speak fluently.

MINSEO : I want to learn acting!

HYEOP : I want to level up myself overall and become an all-round entertainer. 

What would you say has been the most significant lesson you’ve learned about yourselves and your music?

JUNHO : I’ve learned that various experiences are very important. 

HYEOP : Putting in the work myself through new challenges is a great learning experience in itself. 

Lastly, is there a message you’d like to give to DREAMIN?

YUNSEONG : Dreamin, I always said that we will come back soon with every comebacks, but I am sorry that this comeback took a year. As it took long, let’s have fun between Dreamin and DRIPPIN without getting hurt. Thank you and love you!

JUNHO : We will make it up to you with great performances as you have waited for such a long time! Thank you Dreamin. 

DONGYUN : Dreamin, please wait for us!!! We will go see you soon!!!

MINSEO : Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always trusting us and supporting us. We will work harder!!

HYEOP : Dreamin, it’s been a while since we’ve been active, so I hope everyone doesn’t get hurt, work happily, and make a lot of great memories. I love you. 


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Special thank you to DRIPPIN and Woollim Entertainment for the interview!

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