South Korean Influencer Goes Viral For Calling Feminists “Mentally Ill”

South Korean Influencer Goes Viral For Calling Feminists “Mentally Ill”

A Korean man’s street interview has gone viral after he was seen to have made some glaringly insulting comments. The interview was filmed by Cast U, a channel famous for its street interviews. While they previously became famous for their interviews asking people to rate themselves, they recently decided to try out a new format where they asked people to react spontaneously to keywords.

The interview started off highly problematic. When given the keyword “feminist,” the man immediately responded with “mental illness.” It only got worse when he gave “realistic” as an answer to the word “misogyny.”

This is genuinely crazy asf,,,no wonder their birth rates are low,,,,Korean women are strong as hell for dealing with this

— Tracy’s NewJeans⁷ (@ijbolhobi) April 3, 2024

Many also took issue with his response of “something to project” when asked about women. Many felt that he was objectifying women, especially given his previous comments. Naturally, the video is going viral both overseas and in South Korea. The video has gained over 8 million collective views on X (formerly Twitter).


— 보추게이여울 (@huhbuckjisex) April 3, 2024

My hate for humans are going up in real time.

— huhbuckjisex

이딴걸 얼굴 까고 말할 수 있다는 것 자체가 여혐민국임

— jyomi (@jyomi111) April 3, 2024

The fact that he can even say this with his face revealed to everyone… The entire country hates women.

— jyomi1111

여자 = 보호대상
여성 혐오자 = 현실주의자
임신 = 축복

아니뭐라는거야진짜 좀알아듣게말해ㅅㅂ
여자가 보호대상인데 보호대상을 혐오하는건 현실주의인거고, 보호대상의 권리신장을 외치는건 정신병이고? 여성혐오가 현실주의인데 여성이 임신하는건 축복?

— 노넴 (@fxckkyourself) April 4, 2024

So feminists are mentally ill, but girls are to be protected. Misogynists (people who hate women) are realistic, but pregnancy is a blessing. WTF are you saying, make it make sense f*ck. Girls are things to be protected, but at the same time hating women makes you realistic, but those supporting the rights of these things to be protected are mentally ill? To hate women is realistic, but when these women are pregnant, it’s a blessing?

— fxckkyourself

International audiences are just as appalled.

“feminist=psychosis” “misogynist=realist” i think korean women should legally be allowed to shoot 5 men daily with no consequences tbh

— sara sara. (@svteenwrld) April 4, 2024

It seems like South Korea’s dropping birth rates are not a surprise.

and they out here wondering why the birth rate in that country keeps declining

— casper (@secretabandon) April 4, 2024

The man in question, an influencer with over 30,000 followers, has since shut down the comments on his Instagram account.

i hope korean women start beating these men up

— MAN (@twentieslove) April 4, 2024

Cast U has deleted the video off all its social media channels.

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