Lee Hyori’s Past Comment On Taking A Junior’s School Uniform Resurfaces

Lee Hyori’s Past Comment On Taking A Junior’s School Uniform Resurfaces

With all the bullying allegations popping up in the news recently, singer Lee Hyori‘s past comment about taking a junior’s school uniform has been brought back to light on various online community boards. On the show, they discussed the worst things they have done in school.

Haha Mong Show | SBS

How was everyone during school?

Suddenly, Hyori asked a question to the cast.

Haha Mong Show | SBS

Have you ever changed your school uniform? To a new one…

Haha Mong Show | SBS

You go to the class where the freshman are…!

Haha Mong Show | SBS


Although the comment itself doesn’t confirm that she did in fact take the school uniform, many felt that it left room for suspicion. K-Netizens felt that she was a lucky to have debuted during a time where this type of comment was acceptable.

Netizen comments | theqoo Netizen comments | theqoo “Woah…” “Ah man…” “Times have changed…if she said something like this now she would have been canceled.” “She’s lucky she debuted at that time.” “There was a time saying things like that was considered humor…” “Daebak…” “Dang…” “Back then, celebrities were free to talk about stealing student’s money, etc.” “She needs to be thankful that social media wasn’t a thing back then.”

International netizens also agreed that her comment was ambiguous and that debuting at an earlier time had “saved” her.

Netizen comments | Pannchoa Netizen comments | Pannchoa

What do you think of this? Considering the era we are in now, it could have been hard to get out of saying something like this on public TV.

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