KISS OF LIFE’s “Midas Touch” Is Getting Praised For Its Sexy, Nostalgic Sound

KISS OF LIFE’s “Midas Touch” Is Getting Praised For Its Sexy, Nostalgic Sound

On April 3, KISS OF LIFE released their highly anticipated single album Midas Touch after teasing fans with gorgeous promotional images for some time.

1st Single Album [Midas Touch]

Concept Photo #1 : JULIE & NATTY

2024. 04. 03 6PM (KST)#KISSOFLIFE #키스오브라이프 #KIOF #키오프#JULIE #NATTY #BELLE #HANEUL#쥴리 #나띠 #벨 #하늘#Midas_Touch

— KISS OF LIFE (@KISSOFLIFE_S2) March 18, 2024

The comeback has already proven to be their most successful release by far, even “officially” lifting them up out of “nugudom” with over 21,000 first-day sales.

— nugu promoter (@nugupromoter) April 3, 2024

The music video for “Midas Touch” is just as stunning as the teasers hinted at, with gorgeous sets and styling that makes it easy to forget that KISS OF LIFE is from a small company!

And the song itself has been well-received too. Many fans have commented how it reminds them of the early era of pop legends such as Britney Spears, taking the currently popular early 2000s trend but making it their own with a sexy, more mature aesthetic than some other girl groups these days.

Julie (KISS OF LIFE) | S2 Entertainment Natty (KISS OF LIFE) | S2 Entertainment

On a Reddit post sharing the music video for “Midas Touch”, the response from fans was overwhelmingly positive!

A popular online forum also made a post about the music video, and fan sentiments there were pretty similar.

How did you feel about KISS OF LIFE’s comeback?

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