Jennifer Lopez Renamed Her Tour As A Greatest Hits Show Following Reports Of Low Ticket Sales

Jennifer Lopez Renamed Her Tour As A Greatest Hits Show Following Reports Of Low Ticket Sales

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Jennifer Lopez doesn’t quit. That’s one takeaway from This Is Me…Now, the sequel album to 2002’s This Is Me…Then that bookends her full-circle romance with Ben Affleck and all of her personal and professional ups-and-downs in between. Lopez has been through everything imaginable throughout her iconic multi-hyphenate career. So, no, she wouldn’t be scared by reported lower-than-expected ticket sales.

In mid-March, Variety reported Lopez’s mysterious cancelation of seven This Is Me…Now The Tour dates and noted, “While the tour is still scheduled for a robust 30 shows, large numbers of tickets at most of the tour’s dates remain unsold.” On Wednesday, April 3, Lopez casually revealed an updated tour title, This Is Me…Live The Greatest Hits, with an Instagram Reel. Variety pointed out that this repackaging is likely a play to “apparently broaden its scope” after the reported low ticket sales after her original tour announcement in February.

However, to be fair, People reported that the cancelations were due to “a logistical issue through the tour’s promoter.” Lopez did not acknowledge ticket sales whatsoever in her new announcement. Instead, she leaned heavily on nostalgia, which is always smart if you’re Jennifer Lopez.

This Is Me…Now debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200 after its February 16 release.

See Lopez’s post and transcribed narration below, and find more This Is Me…Live The Greatest Hits information here.

“Look at this girl. Fly, little bright-eyed Puerto Rican girl dancing her heart out. If she only knew then, she’d be going on the most unforgettable tour of a lifetime. I remember early on witnessing greatness, moments just like this one, and seeing the joy she had. Who knew that this girl right here — singing for my family, performing around my city, and following my passion would take me places I could never have imagined?

But nothing really prepares you for what it means to travel down that road. The looks, the whispers, the pictures that define you for decades. Hello, Versace dress! But no matter what, I’m just the girl I’ve always been with love that drives me to share my story on stage like I always have.

I am a woman. I am Jenny From The Block. And this is me…now. And putting this show together, bringing all of my love to all of you, that is my greatest joy. I love seeing your faces in the audience, and I love connecting with my fans. Come move, come sing, and come feel the energy live with me because this tour is a celebration for all of us. I can’t wait to see you at the show.”

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