Fan Gets Denied Entry To IU’s Concert — Other Fans Accuse Staff Of Stealing Seat

Fan Gets Denied Entry To IU’s Concert — Other Fans Accuse Staff Of Stealing Seat

Fans have been criticizing EDAM Entertainment for their poor handling of IU’s recent concert in Seoul. H.E.R was a huge success, with seats selling out within minutes. A fan who managed to score tickets ended up being turned down at the door, inviting criticism due to how the company handled the matter.

The fan had bought a ticket, only to be contacted by EDAM Entertainment, asking them to prove that it was really them who bought the ticket. EDAM Entertainment was trying to crack down on the black market for IU’s concert tickets, resulting in the fan having to prove themselves. EDAM Entertainment had realized that the person who had done the cash deposit was not the fan themselves. The fan sent over a PDF file to EDAM Entertainment. They explained that they were a true fan of IU, proving it with their UAENA membership card and number. They showed the reservation text they received form Melon, as well as how they selected “cash deposit” for the payment method. Cash deposit is a common method fans use as it is the fastest way to secure a ticket without going through credit card details. They also wrote that they would be happy to comply with any further queries EDAM had for them.

Proof of membership and reservation. | theqoo

They also claimed that they were so happy about the matter that they posted it on their personal Instagram. Their friend had helped them with the cash deposit, and hence they even tagged the friend in happiness to thank them. They wondered if someone had possibly stolen their screenshot to try to scam someone else online, resulting in a report being filed against their ticket number with EDAM. EDAM Entertainment is known for blacklisting any reseller who tries to upsell tickets to true fans. As such, many fans of IU send in tip-offs whenever they see such sales being carried out online. A tip-off had been sent in about this fan’s tickets, resulting in them being questioned by EDAM.

Attachments of their Instagram stories. | theqoo

They also sent EDAM screenshots of their conversation with the friend who had helped them with the cash deposit. The friend was also a really close one that they had known for ten years.

Attachments of their conversation. | theqoo 

The problem began here. According to the fan, after sending the PDF over, EDAM had originally told them it was okay to come down to the venue on the day itself. The fan then went down to the venue happily, thinking that there would be no issue with their entry. Upon reaching the venue, they were denied entry by the staff. The problem began when netizens began to question if the seat was left empty or not. After all, IU’s concerts are famous for having no empty seats. Upon further checking, fans realized that the seat in question was seen to be occupied. As the matter was largely publicized, fans managed to find out the ticket number and seating that belonged to that fan. They identified the seat in IU’s concert video, only to see that there was someone sitting in that particular seat.

Seat has been circled. | theqoo

Netizens then began to accuse EDAM Entertainment staff of stealing the seat from the fan. Here are more pictures of the same seat.

Seating area circled. | theqoo Seat in the 6th row. | theqoo

The filled seat had fans wondering if tickets that are denied validity would then later be taken by staff. This is as EDAM does not open such tickets for resale. If the staff were to take the seats, this would cause a huge uproar amongst fans, as ticketing is known to be incredibly tough for IU’s concerts. Furthermore, for sold out concerts, it would be unethical to gift empty seats to people who have an in with the company, given that some of these seats were rightfully ticketed for by fans.

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