Han So Hee Stuns At Luxury Brand Omega’s Event

Han So Hee recently attended an event for the luxury watch brand Omega. She flew all the way to Hong Kong for the event. Dressed in a chic black gown, she looked like the epitome of gorgeous.

She was very glad to see the fans. You can get a peek of her tattoo under her arm, on her ribcage.

She looked classy and expensive.

Her gorgeous visuals had everyone in awe.

She posed next to high-ups from Omega.

She definitely owned the red carpet!

She donned a black blazer when things got chilly.

The burgundy leather watch strap matched her reddish hair.

Instead of a clutch, she carried a script card from the brand, bringing full attention to the watches.

She looked happy to be there!

The slight grain in the nighttime shots made her look like a Hong Kong actress.

Straight out of a movie.

She waved to fans over the glass barrier.

Her star power is insane!

Han So Hee previously got nose surgery for allergic rhinitis. As the swelling has not gone down fully, the star recently had to explain why her nose looked higher. Netizens couldn’t see anything but her beauty.

Netizen comments. | theqoo She’s honestly so pretty. So, so, so pretty. I want to be her friend. I love pretty friends. F*cking pretty… I know that she’ll be popular everywhere, but her face is one that will have lots of popularity in China. A flashy beauty. I did that surgery too… The cartilage in the middle of my nose was crooked, so they cut out the crooked part and linked the rest. The blockage in one side got better, but my rhinitis is still there LOL. And anyway, my nose shape changed again. She has pictures of her past on her blog anyway, and the people who did the surgery also left comments saying that it’ll get crooked again. It’s so f*cking cheap to see people being like “she got plastic surgery!!!!” while dragging up her blog photos. Insane, so pretty. Pretty. I don’t even think her nose changed a lot. Her vibes are unmatched. Even if you get the surgery, it comes back… I didn’t know, but my boss got it done three times LOL. I didn’t even notice that her nose changed. Her vibes are always so amazing. She’s my favorite out of all the young actresses recently. Love her.

Nose job or not, nothing can change the fact that Han So Hee was always gorgeous!

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