Actress Han So Hee Continues To Clarify Nose Job Rumors

Actress Han So Hee previously announced that she had undergone nose surgery for a deviated septum. She had been experiencing allergic rhinitis and difficulty breathing due to a crooked nose. As her nose continued to look higher than usual in recent photos, Han So Hee clarified the surgery allegations once more.

Han So Hee at her most recent schedule. | @xeesoxee/Instagram

She spoke to fans via a chat application on December 8, 2023. She explained that there was no silicon or prosthetics in her nose at all.

Han So Hee speaking to fans. | theqoo My nose was originally pretty high, but as it got crooked, the tip began to sag. They just restored it to its original form, everyone. But you know something about rhinitis surgery? It’ll come back. So that means that I’ll definitely become Squidward again. Well, that’s what they say. But I’m so thankful to be able to breathe through both nostrils… Han So Hee speaking to fans. | theqoo And I’m worried because the swelling isn’t going down. Everyone, I really didn’t. I didn’t raise my nose with silicone or whatever. I only could breathe through one side of my nose and I snored and whatever because my nose was crooked. My nose got higher again because they straightened it out. I didn’t have Squidward’s nose originally.

Nose jobs take a month or more to fully heal, but it seems like Han So Hee’s is taking a little longer to deswell.

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