NCT 127’s Jungwoo Receives Praise For Protecting A Fan At A Fansign

NCT 127’s Jungwoo Receives Praise For Protecting A Fan At A Fansign

NCT 127 recently visited Thailand for a fansign in conjunction with online retailer Shopee. During the fansign, they interacted with fans at a close distance.

Member Jungwoo gained attention after an endearing moment from the fansign went viral.

He was spotted getting up to shield a fan from water. As the event was held in ICONSIAM, a mall with a huge fountain show, the boys were splashed by residual water.

Fountain at ICONSIAM. | Reddit

The bodyguards had held up boards to shield the members, leaving fans to fend for themselves. Jungwoo immediately got up to hold his hand over a fan’s head.

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The sweet moment went viral on Twitter with over 173,000 views.

아니 ㅁㅊ 김정우란 남자 진짜 뭐임?
분수대 물튀는데 경호원들 127만 가려주니까 자기가 직접 일어서서 휀걸스 가려주려함 진짜 레전드여심폭격기

— 미남감별사 (@face_taster) December 8, 2023

A fan even showed how strong the fountain was. No wonder the fans and the members were splashed!


— เค้าหัวใจ จองอู แจฮยอน ซองชาน (@wjung9855) December 8, 2023

A real “that should be me” moment for sure.

saatnya play ‘that should be me’

— dee (@zwoozss) December 8, 2023

I just woke up.. wish I didn’t

— oum (@98rinas) December 8, 2023

The music playing in the background definitely added to the Y/N moment.

perhaps love playing in the background too LIKE..

— (@shubizen) December 8, 2023

We’re all incredibly envious!


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