Aespa Winter’s Story About NMIXX’s Sullyoon Sparks Confusion Among Netizens

Aespa Winter’s Story About NMIXX’s Sullyoon Sparks Confusion Among Netizens

When it comes to K-Pop, netizens love hearing about the friendship between idols from different groups. Recently, this couldn’t have been more true regarding aespa‘s Winter and Karina‘s friendship with NMIXX‘s Sullyoon.

Aespa’s Karina and Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

A recent story about the friendship of the three idols has sparked some confusion!

In a new video on aespa’s YouTube channel, the members cemented their close bond to Sullyoon as Winter and Karina thanked the idol for some pepero.

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They then revealed a heartwarming anecdote from their trainee days, explaining that Sullyoon would leave them fried soboro.

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In particular, they shared that she would leave it in a special place, and the two members would eat it in private.

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The reason that it gained attention was that it sparked some confusion among fans. When the video was released and Winter shared the anecdote about Sullyoon, many thought that it hinted that Sullyoon must’ve been in SM Entertainment at some point for this story to have happened.

Have you seen also in the video at the start(03.38) that Sullyoon made them pepero and even that she bough then fried food from Daejeon when they were trainees
It seems like maybe the rumors were true… That sullyoon was an SM trainee

— S (@Sima12379) December 7, 2023

streets saying that the rumour of sullyoon training at sm for a bit before becoming a jype trainee are true

— (@i3mixx) December 7, 2023

I guess 3/4 aespa members got to train with Sullyoon while she was in sm

— Del (@JinJooDeluxxe) December 7, 2023

sullyoon ex sm trainee???

— syira 樂-STAR (@chanwolfprince) December 7, 2023

One fan even shared a tweet from an OP who thought Sullyoon might have been at SM at some point.

From one of Sullyoon’s classmates –

During middle school, there were videos of them dancing together but OP said the videos are lost now. OP also thinks Sullyoon was an SM trainee since she gave OP a ‘Not For Sale’ NCT Dream album before #SULLYOON #설윤 #NMIXX #엔믹스

— 코드 (@CodeNMIXX) February 3, 2022

However, there has also been debate against this.

It was no secret that Sullyoon was a “Monster Rookie,” and there was even a list of companies that the idol was accepted into, including SM Entertainment and Fantiago, until she trained at Woollim Entertainment. The idol has also explained why she picked JYP Entertainment, so many aren’t sure if the video means she trained there at some point.

INFO | 090321

So according to this post at DCinside, Sullyoon also passed last year at SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment before she finally chose JYP!

#JYPn #GRAB_YOUR_FUTURE#Your_Next_Favorite_Girl_Group#SULLYOON #설윤

— NMIXX GLOBAL (@NMIXXGLOBAL) September 3, 2021

While there is no confirmation of all of Sullyoon’s past idol training and many just love the friendship between the idols, it would be interesting to hear more stories.

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