Who’s Sitting With Who? K-Pop Idols’ Mixed Seating Arrangements At W Korea’s “Love Your W” Event

Who’s Sitting With Who? K-Pop Idols’ Mixed Seating Arrangements At W Korea’s “Love Your W” Event

At award shows and special events, K-Pop idols are usually seated with members of their own group. That wasn’t always the case at W Korea’s “Love your W” event — and fans couldn’t be happier!

aespa’s Karina

On November 24, W Korea held a special event to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the breast cancer awareness campaign, “Love your W.” K-Pop idols, actors, dancers, models, and more attended the event in style. 

BTS’s RM on the red carpet

Instead of grouping guests together based on their group or job title (idols with their group members, actors with actors, etc), guests were mix and matched at tables. aespa‘s four members, for instance, could have shared a table, but instead…


Giselle was spotted sitting with RIIZE‘s Wonbin

oh all four members of aespa weren’t sitting on the same table tonight for love your w.

giselle was on the same table as riize’s wonbin and sitting in front of actress mun kayoung! ♡ pic.twitter.com/LHWtj8wdGy

— 13 ✿ (@uchgaeri) November 24, 2023

TXT‘s Soobin and Yeonjun were seated with BLACKPINK‘s JennieLee Jae Wook, and Ahn Hyo Seop

Yeonjun and Soobin were sitting next to Actor Lee Jaewook, Ahn Hyoseop, actress Lee Hojung and Jennie at the Love Your W 2023 Event pic.twitter.com/bgK4N9OJEK

— 🩹‍🩹 (@meowchieves) November 24, 2023

…and Stray Kids‘s Hyunjin hung out with aespa’s Ningning.

Hyunjin of Stray Kids and Ningning of aespa at Love Your W event today.pic.twitter.com/9ql4TLRbf1

— Viral Takes (@viraltakes) November 24, 2023

Thanks to the seating arrangements, fans were treated to an explosion of visuals…

namjoon and karina sitting next to each other omg???? pic.twitter.com/aPTxhQxkok

— alyssa⁷🝮 KATSEYE ʚɞ (@IREHSPIXY) November 24, 2023

…and interactions they might not have had otherwise.

bada and joon in one frame is insane pic.twitter.com/WtApUanJqn

— Ray⁷ ★ (@hobizone777) November 24, 2023

Jennie sitting next to TXT’s Soobin and Yeonjun, Kim Youngkwang and Lee Hojung! pic.twitter.com/uraLd3Cgg0

— 𝓛 (@seeyoulaterjen) November 24, 2023

WINTER sitting next to RIIZE SHOTARO during the Love Your W Event pic.twitter.com/crkK23MqlT

— winter pics (@archivedwinter) November 24, 2023

Winter seated next to shotaro, Karina next to RM, Anton next to ellis aka ningning’s bestie, Sohee next to bae doona (crazy) & confirming eunseok was actually sitting next to hwasa and not near pic.twitter.com/zSiF1y6Vzk

— gulity (@_milkiiii_) November 24, 2023

if i was a rookie sitting next to hwasa i’d be terrified pic.twitter.com/2UsLr4SsxN

— 🝮heaven⁷𓃬 MANON (@hyejinsfilter) November 24, 2023

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