Sotrap Gratefully Reflects Back With Latest Afro-trap Single ‘Street Bro’

Sotrap Gratefully Reflects Back With Latest Afro-trap Single ‘Street Bro’

‘Street Bro‘ is the debut track from rising Nigerian artist So Trap, unveiling a collection of life stories and lessons imparted along his journey. Written to motivate himself and those around him, the track speaks about those that look out for you during times of struggle, and thanks to them, emerging stronger from all the hardship. Listeners can expect a soothing Trap flavoured beat alongside Sotrap’s warm vocals and captivating melodies. ‘Street Bro‘ fuses Hip Hop and Afropop for a truly addicting feeling throughout. Now discoverable on all streaming platforms, this track represents a promising start for So Trap.

So Trap‘s debut single, “Street Bro,” is a heartfelt journey through the artist’s life experiences, expressing gratitude for those who’ve supported him. The track seamlessly blends Trap and Afropop, creating an addictive sound. So Trap‘s warm vocals and captivating melodies make this debut a promising start, available on all streaming platforms. “Street Bro” is not just a song; it’s an authentic narrative of resilience and growth, setting the stage for So Trap‘s potential in the music industry. Enjoy!

Hailing from Benin City and raised in Delta State, Sotrap is one of Nigeria’s rising stars whose masterful combination of Afro-Trap and Afro-Fusion is currently taking the West African music scene by storm. His musical palette draws from a diverse pool of influences, ranging from iconic figures like 2face and Wizkid, with a distinct infusion of rap that adds a layer of depth to his signature sound.

Sotrap’s entry into the music scene was his remarkable cover of Brymo’s “Ara,” which ignited the flame of passion for music-making within him. His major breakthrough arrived with the hit “So Real,” a collaboration with Savage that left a notable mark. This success paved the way for another collaboration in 2023 with “Benzo,” firmly cementing his reputation as a key emerging talent in the Nigerian music scene.

In September 2023, Sotrap released his debut single, “Street Bro,” and his focus now turns to an upcoming EP, which promises to delve deeper into the themes of daily struggles and authenticity that underpin his musical narratives. Sotrap’s artistry is guided by a simple yet profound philosophy: “keep it real.” He is determined to connect with audiences through authentic messages and the relatable trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Sotrap brings a refreshing and genuine perspective to the world of music, merging Afro rhythms with lyrical depth, making him a name to watch in the industry – keep up to date with his music using the links below.

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